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Proposal Daisakusen Episode 11 (Final)

“You may be able to change your past, present, and future, but you can never change the essence of them all: Yourself

From the last episode, Ken runs off, pulling Rei with him. He brings her to their primary school, the place where they first met and eventually became childhood friends. Many memories come to Rei as she walks around the school behind Ken, and eventually into their old classroom, where they find many things still around even after they have graduated. Rei asks Ken why he brought her there, but he replies he doesn’t know either, for he just felt like going to the school before he knew it. They reminiscence about their past, Rei saying that if she hadn’t transfer to the school, she wouldn’t have met Ken; if she hadn’t chosen the seat beside Ken, they wouldn’t have become friends; and if Ken hadn’t lent half his eraser to her, they wouldn’t have ended up as childhood friends. Summarizing it, if Rei hadn’t choose her seat beside Ken, the today they know of would have been a different one.

Back at the ceremony, Tsuru finds Mikio ‘disposing’ the leftover caviar…by eating them, that is. Mikio ‘bribes’ Tsuru from telling and to get champagne by sharing the caviar. Breaking the bliss Mikio and Tsuru are in, Tada appears from behind, asking Mikio if he can help take a group photo later, and asks them if they have seen Rei. Both reply negative (Mikio is lying, not wanting to interrupt Ken), and after Tada walks away, Tsuru comments that Ken isn’t around either. Mikio tells him that Ken is at the greatest game in his life at the moment, which Tsuru thinks that Ken is actually gambling. Both of them are having doubts as to whether Ken can win at this game of his.

Still in the school, Ken and Rei head to the playground, which reminds Rei of Ken’s hate-to-lose attitude. It is also revealed that Ken can’t swim. Moving over to the horizontal bar, Rei plays on the bar like she did when she was still in school, which Ken comments that she must be the only one in the whole of Japan to do that. Rei taunts Ken into doing the ‘forward upward roll’ on the bar. Mentioning about the ‘glider’ stunt, the two of them remember the time when Rei was injured and caused the scar on her left elbow. Rei reminds Ken that it was actually her fault that she got injured, but Ken got reprimanded instead, and that she had done the stunt because she would want to do something more when told otherwise, especially when it’s from Ken. Rei asks Ken to do the ‘glider’, but he declines. She says it’s time to leave, but before they left, Ken asks her if she has got any regrets so far. At the same time, Tada is starting to become uneasy over Rei’s disappearance.

Rei replies to Ken that even though she has had many disappointments and felt like a failure in the past, they all contributed to make her what she is today. She also thanks Ken, telling him that she is glad to have met Ken, for if it wasn’t for Ken staying by her side all the time, she wouldn’t be what she is now. Ken realizes that unlike him, who has been living in the past, trying to redo what he has regretted, Rei has accepted her past, and lives firmly in the present. Ken succeeds on his attempt of the ‘glider’, which he says to himself ‘made him feel he could still fly’.

In Burger Shogun, Eri is all prepared and is about to head for the ceremony when she sees the ring on the ‘Don’t Knock New York’. She is apparently shocked by the sight of whatever that is on the ring. Ken walks behind Rei while on their way back to the ceremony. He understands that the feeling of regret is far more painful than the feeling of failure, and looking at Rei from the back, he decides to try trusting himself, and work on a different plan. Eri arrives at the ceremony and asks Tsuru where Rei is, but the usual Tsuru replies cheekily that that shouldn’t be the first thing she says when she sees him. Eri finds Rei herself, and calls her out for a minute. Mikio is surprised to find Ken walking up behind him, and then asks about his ‘game’, which Ken replies that he has decided on a change of plans. Tsuru appears and makes an annoyance out of himself again, but eventually he and Mikio leaves, leaving Ken and Mikio’s camera behind, with Ken setting his sights upon it.

Outside, Eri tells Rei that she is her best friend, and she wants her to be happy, and that because Rei is important to her, she wants Rei to make a decision that she herself can accept. She hands Rei the ring, saying that it must more than just a coincidence that the ring is found by her, and then returns to the ceremony. Rei looks at the ring, which she is also equally shocked by what she sees on the ring, like Eri, while Ken sets the camera to countdown. With Rei holding on tightly to the ring in her hands outside, Ken takes a photo of himself inside, returning to the present……

However, instead of returning to the time of the end of the slide-show, he returns instead to the time when he was smoking with Mikio outside the church. Everything happens just like before, with Tsuru and Mikio leaving Ken behind. The yousei appears, telling Ken that although he has managed to travel back in time, he could only change a few hours of his past, and that he has finally decided to change the present instead of the past. Ken goes on to thank the yousei, for he can think like this only after he goes back to the past. The yousei goes on to tell Ken that he looks different from the first time he saw him, and after a heart-to-heart chat with each other, the yousei reveals that letting Ken return to this time of the present is a parting gift from him, to allow a suitable place for Ken to present the answer he finally arrives at from all his adventures in the past. After a sad farewell, Ken makes his way into the church, while the yousei dons his hat one more time, and disappears from Ken’s life forever……

Inside the church and at the wedding reception, the host calls out to Ken to make his speech, just like before. Ken finally appears after a short absence. He goes on with his speech, just like before, but after the pause (where he originally thought to himself about the sight of Rei in a wedding gown), he changes his speech. He apologizes to Tada, and goes on to say it would be great if Rei had given up on getting married, and that he had thought of taking Rei away, to the shock of Tada and Rei. Tsuru shouts that Ken must be drunk, but Ken ignores him and goes on tearfully with his speech, speaking of the times he and Rei had spent together for the 14 years, and yet he was unable to let his feelings be known until now. He confesses his love to Rei, who is also in tears, but still congratulates her on her marriage. The guests applauses for Ken, and he leaves, crying. He makes his way to the chapel where the wedding ceremony was held, while the slide-show at the reception starts all over again.

Tears come to Rei’s eyes as she looks at the slide-show with the changed photos, thinking to herself that the one who has been running away from her feelings was actually her. Meanwhile, Ken is sobbing away in the chapel. He finally leaves right when the slide-show ends, which Tada is surprised to see Rei’s face wet from crying. He brings her to the preparation room, and tells her expression now is just like the one she showed on her 20th birthday. Removing a button his cuff, he makes a bet with her. If she chooses the hand without the button, she will give up completely on the problem she is troubled about. If she chooses the one with the button, she will go settle her problem.

She chooses the hand with the button.

Rei hesitates at first, but after further urging from Tada, she runs off. It is then revealed that Tada actually has a button in each of his hand. Rei runs around the church, searching for Ken, but is too late when she sees Ken in a taxi, driving off. Rei gives chase, to no avail. We see her back in the chapel, thinking if things would have been different if she had let her feelings be known to Ken, just like what Ken did himself. The secret of the ring is also revealed in her flashback. She hears a (all-so-familiar) voice, and turns to see the yousei (not known to her), who is telling her the same things he told Ken when they first met. The yousei knows that Rei wishes to go back and change the past, but instead of doing so, he tells her of the story of Ken, but not really revealing the name and the details (so she still remains oblivious to Ken’s time-slips). He asks Rei whether it is still not too late to start changing the present, and upon realizing, Rei opens the door of the chapel, and her door to miracles……

Back in their classroom in their primary school

Pigging out on caviar

Tada notices Rei is missing

Mikio’s view on Ken’s greatest game

The only woman in Japan to play the horizontal bar in a dress…?

The forward upward roll

Rei’s answer to Ken’s question

Ken performs the ‘glider’ one more time

Eri finds the ring Ken abandoned

A change of plan for Ken

Eri handing over the ring to Rei

Preparing to go back to the present

Wrong time of the present

The yousei commenting on Ken being a changed man

A firm handshake between the men…

…and it’s finally farewell

Changing the present with his speech…

…and touching Rei’s heart at the same time

Having the load off his heart, Ken cries his heart out

Tada proposes a bet to help Rei decide

Rei’s decision…?

Not quite…

Tada, regretting his action…?

The secret within the ring

Rei chases after Ken

Opening her door to miracles

And no, it hasn’t ended. The taxi Ken is in breaks down halfway, and Ken ends up helping the same taxi driver to push the vehicle. While pushing, he hears someone calling out a name he’s too familiar with: Kenzou……

And that is the end of Iwase Ken’s プロポーズ大作戦.

Eikura Nana(榮倉 奈々)as Oku Eri(奥 エリ)

Hiraoka Yuuta(平岡 裕太)as Enokido Mikio(榎戸 幹雄)

Hamada Gaku(濱田 岳)as Tsurumi Hisashi(鶴見 尚)

Matsushige Yutaka(松重 豊)as Itou Matsunori(伊藤 松憲)

Kikuchi Kenichirou(菊地 健一郎)as Nishio Tamotsu(西尾 保)

Mikami Hiroshi(三上 博史)as Yousei(妖精)

Fujiki Naohito(藤木 直人)as Tada Tetsuya(多田 哲也)

Nagasawa Masami(長澤 まさみ)as Yoshida Rei(吉田 礼)

Yamashita Tomohisa(山下 智久)as Iwase Ken(岩瀬 健)


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