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Proposal Daisakusen Episode 10

Ken has lost his name of ‘Kenzou’ from Rei.

From the last episode, Ken receives a miracle from Mikio: one more last chance to go back to the past. The miracle photo was taken before the wedding ceremony, and during Tada’s award-receiving ceremony. Ken remembers what happened that time, where he was drunk and spouted nonsense to both Tada and Rei.

The yousei describes his experiences during these time-slips to be like a baseball game, and reminds Ken that he is lucky to get extra time this time. Ken comments that he has somewhat given up since back from his last travel, but the yousei tells him that for miracles to happen, he has to find the door to miracles, and the key to the door has always been in his heart. For their parting and the last of Ken’s ‘Hallelujah Chance’, the yousei decides on Tamotsu’s specially-made burger, which is green (bad colour). Ken tries to warn the yousei, but he still takes a bite anyway, and then comments that it tastes bad. Leaving the yousei disgusted, Ken goes for his final ‘last’ trip back, his last ‘Hallelujah Chance’. (Yup, there’s even a twinkling sound when he travels back)

He returns, only to see Rei walking towards him in a wedding gown, telling him that she has decided, and she will not be indecisive anymore. Ken thinks the door to miracles has finally opened to him, but is disappointed to realize that Rei was only talking about the wedding gowns. Eri, who strangely is wearing a wedding gown too, comments on Ken’s suit to be weird, which Ken only realizes now, but Mikio and Tsuru appears subsequently, each in a weirder costume (really, can’t be called suits) than Ken’s suit.

They go on to shop for appliances for Rei and Tada’s new home after marriage. Rei ‘reports’ on their shopping to Tada through text messages, who isn’t with them, but with Ito, asking him if it is possible for him to make a speech at their wedding. Ito comments on the marriage of Rei and Tada while seemingly doing pottery, but holds up a completed Rubik’s cube instead, which Tada amusingly asks him when he will decide to really start pottery.

The gang of five takes a break from their shopping, and shares a plate of 6 takoyaki among themselves, and the last one was won by Mikio in a interesting game similar to rock-paper-scissors, which left them being stared at by a pair of kids. They go to the game arcade next, where Tsuru+Eri face off with Ken+Rei in a game of air hockey, Mikio as usual being the cameraman. The victory goes to Ken and Rei, and are treated to fruit juice by the losers of the game. It is revealed by Ken that Rei has stopped calling him ‘Kenzou’ after the embracing incident.

Ken, Rei, and Eri, who have parted ways with Tsuru and Mikio, are walking around the mall, when they hear an announcement over the PA about a lost Tsuru looking for Eri, with him shouting ‘Eri, I love you!’ at the background. Eri is urged by Ken and Rei to go find him before he does anything embarrassing again. Tsuru pops out to Eri at the counter and hands her an ice-cream (something sweet). As usual, Tsuru is at her side chanting about how great his love to Eri is and that she should declare her love for him as well, but this time, Eri really expresses her love for Tsuru by kissing him!!! Eri walks off, and Tsuru happily walks by her side.

Outside the mall, Ken fails to throw his can into the trash bin, which Rei makes fun of. Ken, who never gives up at this kind of matter, succeeds at his third try, and gives a proud look at Eri. Eri goes on to talk about how Ken hasn’t changed since primary school, always trying to learn things like cycling, rope-skipping etc. until he succeeds. She states that she does not know if Ken is a bad loser, but his never-give-up attitude is what she (had?) likes/liked about Ken. Hearing this, Ken tries to tell Rei something, but is again interrupted by the other three who turns up ‘just in time’. During their conversation, they realized that they know less and less of one another over the years, compared to back when they were in high school, and Eri comments that in the future, times where they got together will slowly disappear as well.

The girls, who went on their separate ways from the guys, goes to Shogun Burger, where Tamotsu reveals to Eri, to her shock, that Rei had requested for him to prepare burgers at the wedding.  Tamotsu goes on to talk about Rei’s marriage, and comments that girls will really change for guys, for Rei has always argued with Ken all the time in Burger Shogun, but has never argued once with Tada. Tada appears just when they are talking about him, and bluntly says that Tamotsu is helping him by not preparing food for him, to the amusement of the girls.

The guys pays a visit to Rei’s parents, requesting their help in a surprise video to be shown during the wedding ceremony. After a few seconds of what seemed like a frozen screen, Rei’s father goes on commenting on how he disapproves of Tada and Rei’s marriage, and wishes for them to break up now during the videotaping. On the second take, after Tsuru’s instructions of being less frank in the video, he congratulates the couple and gives a speech so touching, tears swell in the guys’ eyes.

Tada and Rei arrives at the church where they will be holding their wedding ceremony. Tada jokingly ask Rei whether she is having marriage blues when she comments she cannot believe they are there. Just when they are about to leave, Rei asks Tada why he never asked about her crying on her 20th birthday, which Tada replies (a great one) that even though there’s a ‘Rei’ he doesn’t know of, he still likes her, and what is important will be the time they spend together in the future, not the past.

Tamotsu returns to Burger Shogun with many things he decides to use in his redecorating of the interior of his shop, one of it being a strange afro toy which, when pressed, ‘summons’ customers with afro into the shop after shouting ‘Bombaye!’ Mikio and Tsuru, after their job is done, leaves the house, but Ken stays behind to pray to Rei’s grandpa, who has passed away at this time of the past. Rei’s mother tells Ken that her grandpa had been mentioning about Ken ever since he returned from his visit to Rei, even saying that Rei’s husband will be Ken before he passed away. Mikio, while waiting outside, chats on the phone with Yuko’s mother. Tsuru, surprised to see Mikio on such good terms with Yuko’s mother even before marriage, calls him master again and asks him to teach him how.

Ken, still in the house, is flipping through photos of a young Rei, with her mother commenting on how Ken used to come over to their house and play, and how Rei would never stop mentioning about ‘Ken-zou’, to the extent that as a mother, she knows that Ken holds a very special place in Rei’s heart, or else Rei wouldn’t have requested to go to the same high school as Ken, to Ken’s surprise. Rei’s mother shows Ken a picture of young Rei and Ken taken at her house, and Ken recalls how Rei got injured at her left elbow due to Ken showing off to her a stunt, and her, not wanting to lose to him, does the same stunt but got injured instead. After getting scolded by their teacher, Ken took responsibility for the incident and waited for Rei at the hospital/clinic until she came out from the doctor’s room, to the surprise of both Rei and her mother.

Finally leaving in Mikio’s car, Tsuru comments that although it is the first time he’s seen Rei’s father, his speech has left him very touched and made him realize the importance of a marriage. Next, the guys are at Tada’s award-receiving ceremony as waiters, helping out as there isn’t enough manpower. After Tada’s speech, Rei walks up to Ken in exactly the same way she does in the wedding ceremony (in the 1st episode) and they have a short chat, before Tada asks her over to his side. It is then Ken realizes that the one who is going to be at Rei’s side will no longer be him, as the one woman he loves most is going to marry another man. Ken sees the scar on her left elbow, and a continuation of Ken’s recollection is seen, where a young Ken promises to be responsible for Rei and to take care of her for the rest of his life. Thinking of how this promise is going to disappear, and Rei saying that it was Ken’s never-give-up attitude that made her like him, Ken runs after Rei and holding her arm (no, not hand), they run off together to wherever Ken brings Rei to……

Meanwhile, Tamotsu unwraps the last item he brings back, which turned out to the ‘Don’t Knock New York’ sign which Ken had left the ring he bought on, and the ring is still on it……

The miracle photo Mikio has brought forth

Bad choice of the yousei: Tamotsu’s burger

Last…Hallelujah Chance!

Fitting of the wedding gowns

All dressed up for…a wedding ceremony? Cosplay event?

Shopping for appliances for Tada and Rei’s new home

Ito’s skills are THAT good! To make a Rubik’s cube out of clay…?

The kids watch on as the adults acts like them

Facing off in a game of air hockey

Holy crap! Tsuru’s efforts finally pay off

The gang sighing over the years that had gone past

Rei’s father’s opinion on Tada and Rei’s marriage (kudos)

Taking a look at the church their wedding’s going to be held at

A really great reply from Tada to Rei’s question

Young Rei and Ken

Rei’s mother’s impression of Ken

Deja vu? Looks similar to a previous since…or future?

A really sweet scene

Ken…running off with the bride…?!

Ken’s ring on ‘Don’t Knock New York’ sign

Whoa, Tada in this episode impressed me again, with his great reply to Rei. Tamotsu also appears in more scenes in this episode, though still for comedic effects. I know I’ve been writing longer and longer (this time it’s like an essay), still trying to learn how to control… 😀 This time I wrote on the entire episode, ’cause this episode is technically a ‘part 1’ of Ken’s last travel to the past, so it doesn’t really spoils anything.

Anyway, for the last episode, I still be writing the summary for the entire episode…haha…and I’ll most probably continue on the summaries for the previous episodes, making them full instead.

Hallelujah Chance!




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