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The number 20

Read some of my friends’ blogs…and since now it’s already a little past half of this year has passed, some of them have already celebrated their 20th birthdays, and some are planning on how to celebrate.

Thinking about it, it’s really quite fast. 20 years have just passed like that, for them, not yet for me. Now learning Japanese, and so roughly know that the 20th birthday is considered a very important point in one’s life to the Japanese (the age 20 even has got its own special term: 二十歳(はたち)/Hatachi). And well, from reading those blogs, my friends had celebrated, or planning something ‘grand’ (in a sense) for their 20th birthday too.

Well, for me, birthdays aren’t really special, even my coming 20th one. I mean, to me, it is just the day where you become officially older by a year (under the law, just to add). So far, I’ve celebrated my birthday twice, once in primary school, and once in secondary. First one was, as far as I can remember, nice, really. Guess being young and innocent isn’t that bad. Second time, well, I really appreciate the effort done by my friends in the student council (it was a surprise one, and I think it was actually a mass celebration), but I think I did convey the wrong message of not liking the ‘celebration’ by being cold or stone-faced throughout the entire thing. The fact is, I really do not know how to react to such situations, and I’ll literally be like a zombie, totally blank in the mind.

Actually, I do think birthday celebrations are troublesome, at least for me, as I would have to act to enjoy myself when really I’m panicking inside on how I should react to the people who have done all those things for me. 😛

Well, I’m not welcoming my 20th birthday, nor am I dreading it. Just waiting to let it come to me, I guess. I can understand why girls are usually ‘paranoid’ about birthdays (I mean the number, they seem to enjoy celebrations though), but I seriously cannot understand guys who lose their mind over the fact of growing older. I mean, would you always wanna stay like a kid? Haha…

Anyway, happy belated birthdays to those who have celebrated their birthdays… 😛 And to those who are turning 20 soon, enjoy it! For growing older means growing wiser (not the case sometimes). As for me, I still have months to prepare for my dull birthday to come. 😉


4 responses to “The number 20

  1. syanditra Monday, November 24, 2008 at 1249

    i just got my 31th birthday..last sunday..

  2. MavericK Friday, June 29, 2007 at 1559

    Outing? I’m fine…just one thing:
    I prefer to be alone rather than getting stood up at the last minute.

  3. xianz Friday, June 29, 2007 at 859

    ha. i dun realli wan to grow old in a sense too dude.. coz got more responsibilities le.. yupz. hm.. aniwae, time for an outing !

  4. Random J Thursday, June 28, 2007 at 142

    I think I cried on my 20th birthday. *lol* The realization hit that I wasn’t a teenager anymore and I was getting older. But the way I approach Birthday’s is pretty similar to you. To me they’re not that big a deal. I don’t really like having a fuss made.

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