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Proposal Daisakusen Episode 09

Ken relives his most painful memories in this trip back.

As usual, Ken looks at the last photo (again, at this point of time) in the slide, which was taken when Rei had accepted Tada’s marriage proposal, and tells himself that all he has done so far were useless, since nothing has changed after all those times he had been back. Hearing his thoughts, the yousei appears, telling what the only thing that is certain to him now is that the photo this time is the last photo! The yousei seriously wishes for Ken’s success, for he tells him not to make him regret for the many chances he had given Ken. And so, with the yousei presenting the food for this trip to be a lavish…turkey, or chicken (a bird, that’s for sure), Ken goes on his last journey back…

But sad enough, he returns and finds himself at work, together with his chief, selling black and white boards. Having more important things to do, Ken leaves immediately after the client expresses indifference in their products. He calls Rei, who is at Tada’s office, and tells her to stay put and wait for him, but before he can go meet her, his detestable chief manages to stop Ken from going using his family having to starve as a ‘threat’.

Back in Risshu University, Rei and Eri reminiscences about the past. As they are moving off, they meet Itou, who now sports a beard/goatee and carries his favorite potter’s wheel with him. He tells them that he still lacks the one thing before he can start pottery: a wife, to the surprise of the girls.

While having lunch with his chief, Ken tells from him that if he is able to meet the weekly quota of 2 sales, he doesn’t really care if Ken leaves early from work or not, and Ken quickly sets off to find clients, though it seems rather unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Mikio is now working as an assistant in a studio, and he invited Tsuru, who gets scolded by the director for being too short, to help out along with his work. As for Eri, she helps out part-time at Burger Shogun, though she doesn’t seem to like the idea, as she comments that she is like Tsuru, who’s working part-time too. Tamotsu tells her that she seems really happy when talking about Tsuru, to her disbelief. Shifting to Rei, who is at Tada’s office, she is requested by a grim-faced Tada to follow him somewhere.

Ken has little luck in trying to get clients to meet his weekly quota. He and his chief take a break, where his chief shares some of his life experiences with him, and Ken is reminded of the phrase ‘There’s no harm in trying’.

Tada brings Rei to his favorite haunt, supposedly the first building to be based on Tada’s architectural blueprints. The two eventually end up chatting in a hall, where Tada surprised Rei by proposing to her. At the studio, Ken tries to sell his products to Mikio and Tsuru, who obviously have no intention of buying. Mikio reveals that Yuko is pregnant, according to her words, but Ken assures him that she is lying, to prove that he is from the future. True enough, when Tsuru goes off to find Mikio who is missing from the studio, he finds him and Yuko in the ‘deadly merry-go-round’ again, after the couple had a short squabble and patched up when Mikio promises Yuko that he will marry her.

Ken rushes to Tada’s office, but finds Tada instead of Rei. Tada informs Ken of his proposal to Rei, and there is an outburst from Ken, who is clearly unhappy about how things are going for him. He leaves again and breaks into a run, receiving a phone call along the way from Tsuru saying that he, Rei and Eri will be waiting for his treat he had promised. Ken knocks into a ‘DKNY’ sign along the way, and next we see Ken withdrawing cash, leaving only a mere 23-en in his bank account.

Tsuru arrives at the restaurant, but only sees Eri, who tells him that Rei has gone ahead to meet Tada, to give her reply. Tsuru, amazed at the idea of proposal, tries proposing to Eri, but with obvious results. However, Eri readily agrees to go out with Tsuru, which is really something new for him.

Ken finally meets Rei, just like in his painful memory. Rei and him started to talk about Tada’s proposal to Rei, which Ken finally speaks his mind about the matter……

Taken during Rei’s acceptance of Tada’s marriage proposal

Painful memories coming back to Ken

The yousei sincerely wishes for Ken’s success

What a way to start one’s journey: work

Ken’s detestable chief

Thinking back about the good ol’ days

The 3 important of a potter: Bear, Wife, Potter’s wheel (to Itou, that is)

Ken working hard at work…

…and Mikio too, working in a studio

Tsuru is invited to help out in the studio

Eri having affections for Tsuru…? (Finally?)

The first step to Tada’s own ‘Proposal Daisakusen’

A seriously good advice from his chief

Tada finally speaks of the magic words

The ‘deadly merry-go-round’ again

The unexpected outburst from Ken

Eri readily agrees to go out with Tsuru…!!!

Ken speaks his mind to Rei

Has Ken finally break out of his shell? (The embrace of hope!)

Nothing’s changed again…? Even Ken’s still at the back

This episode is where the true/full characters of many characters (no pun intended) are shown, and the repercussions that result from their actions.

  • Iwase Ken’s indecisiveness and habit of giving up at the last minute has broken Rei’s resolve to forget her affections towards Ken.
  • Rei’s strong will allowed her to change her focus of her affections from Ken to Tada, but at the same time, she’s always troubled and confused about the decisions she make later, as seen after Ken embraces her.
  • Tada’s upfront and innocent attitude in life, with a little absent/simple-mindedness added in the mix, proves to be his greatest asset, winning the damsel’s heart in the end, and beating Ken as a result, though he doesn’t mean to.
  • Tsuru, after facing countless disappointments in the past, finally sees the ‘fruits of his labour’, indeed proving (one of the) main point(s) the drama has been bringing out: You will never know unless you try.
  • Mikio may appear cold and unfeeling to Yuko, but his cool appearance hides a warm and loving heart within.
  • Eri, after so many failed relationships, finally sees the one who has always been by her side and supporting her, and comes to understand what her heart really wants, though it is Tamotsu who ‘enlightens’ her, just like the ditzy girl she is.

Next stop: 最後のプロポーズ大作戦!!!THE FINAL PROPOSAL DAISAKUSEN!!!


2 responses to “Proposal Daisakusen Episode 09

  1. MavericK Monday, July 2, 2007 at 2203

    Then guess you have to wait for Episode 11 too, for Episode 10 is a ‘Part 1’ for Ken’s last adventure…:)

  2. Random J Thursday, June 28, 2007 at 123

    I haven’t watched this episode yet. I don’t wanna watch it until episode 10 is out so I can watch 9 and 10 back to back. 🙂

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