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Blabbering of a Fool

Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 04

Get Out Oni! I am Serious

Cornered by the mob due to the actions of Momotaros’ new friend, Yuu, Ryoutarou is at a loss of what to do. But before the mob can do anything to Ryoutarou and Yuu, the police arrives, and Ryoutarou sees their chance of escape. Meanwhile, Hana is desperately searching for him, having lost him after Momotaros went to challenge the Chameleon Imagin.

Ryoutarou and Yuu finallys lose the mob and rest at a rooftop. Yuu splits the money he stole from the mob and offers half to Ryoutarou, but Ryoutarou, who has no idea who Yuu is as he has never met him as himself, rejects the offer and even tells Yuu to go surrender together with him. Yuu resists, and Ryoutarou sees sand flowing out from Yuu’s body, signifying that an Imagin has formed a contract with him. Soon after, the Chameleon Imagin appears and snatches Yuu away, but Ryoutarou has no more energy left in him to chase after them.

Shifting to Milk Dipper, Airi finds Ryoutarou missing and her ailment patch on the ground. At the same time, Hana enters Milk Dipper and asks her whether she knows where Ryoutarou is. Being the first time they meet and Hana being a friend of Ryoutarou, Airi refuses to let her leave without at least having a cup of coffee. They have a chat, and Airi is shown to have immense interest in astrology.

Back at Yuu’s apartment, the Chameleon Imagin warns Yuu not to leave the apartment, for ‘a contract, once formed, must be fulfiled’, and sets off to find more money after throwing to Yuu a bag full of money. Indeed, the Chameleon Imagin creates havoc on the streets agai, and knowing of this, Hana tells Ryoutarou they have to find Yuu in order to find the Imagin, back in DenLiner. Momotaros reveals a list of Yuu’s favorite spots in town in Ryoutarou’s back pocket. However, before he leaves for the search, Momotaros gets reprimanded by Ryoutarou, who is clearly angry at him, to the point where he asks whether it is possible to wish for Momotaros to leave his body. He even declares that he will not ask for Momotaros’ help anymore.

The mob arrives at Yuu’s apartment, only to find Yuu literally buried under a mountain of money, shouting for help. They get pulled away by the Chameleon Imagin, who brings even more money, and Yuu shouts stop. The Imagin, deciding that there is ‘hell lot of money’ for Yuu and so the contract completed, pulls yuu out from the pile of money and enters into Yuu’s past, just when Ryoutarou and Hana enter the apartment. The Rider Ticket shows 15th March 2006, which according to Yuu was the day when Yuu was supposed to take part in an audition with his friends in an unsuccessful band, but he didn’t make it to the audition on time to bring a lost child to the police. As a result, the band members were let down and they disbanded, and Yuu has regretted it to this day. He came to think that if he has money, he can make a debut. He made a bank loan to make his own debut CDs, but realized that his regret will still remain even if he sells all of them. After learning his location at that point of his past, Ryoutarou and Hana heads off there on DenLiner.

Ryoutarou arrives as Den-O Plat Form while the Imagin-possessed Yuu is causing mayhem. The Chameleon Imagin comes out of Yuu to battle Den-O, who has his mind set on fighting without the help of Momotaros, who is seen sulking away in DenLiner. Hana goes on to help the unconscious Yuu, allowing him to go for the audition the present Yuu had missed by offering to bring the lost child to the police herself.

Den-O, as Plat Form, gets his ass seriously kicked by the Chameleon Imagin, but is hell bent on fighting alone and not seeking Momotaros’ help. Momotaros, unable to take it any longer, shouts to Ryoutarou to call upon him, but is simply ignored. Frustrated himself too, Momotaros promises to not be involved in any acts of thievery and will not demand money from people anymore, yet Ryoutarou demands one more thing from him: a proper ‘I’m sorry.’ Clearly embarrassed, Momotaros screams ‘I’m sorry!’ and Den-O finally shifts to Sword Form. Thrashing the Imagin this time, Den-O ends the battle with his Hissatsu Attack Part 2 Dash (the same, there’s isn’t even any dash from Den-O).

Back in DenLiner, Owner reveals that the flow of time hasn’t been changed by Yuu making it on time to the audition, for Yuu still does not make it past the audition. However, the Yuu in this present is without the regrets from that day, and is more determined to make his dreams come true, not with money, but with his own skills. After Owner leaves, Momotaros shyly lets Ryoutarou know that he accepts his name, and Ryoutarou is shown to have forgiven him.

As DenLiner continues on its journey through the deserts of Time, an Imagin appears from the sands, looking at DenLiner as it travels past.

Partners in crime

Airi and Hana meet for the first time

Airi expressing her interest in astrology to Hana

Yuu, buried under the mountain of money

Momotaros apologizes to Ryoutarous for his unacceptable behavior

Momotaros acknowledges Ryoutarou, and vice versa

The mysterious Imagin emerging from the sands of Time


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