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Blabbering of a Fool

Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 03

Outlaw Momotaro

After defeating the Bat Imagin and its Gigandeath Heaven form, looks like Ryoutarou has a well-deserved rest…or not. We’re soon shown Momotaros getting smacked in the head by Hana, who reprimands him that his reckless battling style has left Ryoutarou’s body all bruised and aching. Momotaros then reminds Hana that he has never took part in a battle where he has taken damage, and it is Ryoutarou who is too weak to withstand the strains of battling. True enough, we see Ryoutarou in pain, to the extent he realizes ‘walking’ his bicycle is less painful than cycling on it.

At the entrance of an underground tunnel, he gets knocked down the stairs by a man who is being chased by the mob, this time unable to get up and faints. The dispute between the mob and the man gets heated up, and Momotaros, who hears the noises from Ryoutarou’s body, takes over and indirectly helps the man in distress by knocking out the mob, with the intention of challenging the strongest of the group. The patrolmen, whom Momotaros calls ‘dessert’, arrives, and the man quickly pulls the naive Momotaros/Ryoutarou away. Momotaros responds by telling the man to ‘butt out’ while smashing a wall with his fist, and the man, amazed by the sheer strength and the ‘fearless’ attitude of Momotaros/Ryoutarou, calls him ‘Senpai’ and gets into Momotaros/Ryoutarou’s good books. The man then tempts Momotaros into becoming his bodyguard, which he can have more fights by doing so, while he hatches a devious plan against the mob.

After a brief scene in Milk Dipper where Airi is preparing a weird paste for Ryoutarou’s muscle aches with her feet, Momotaros/Ryoutarou walks into an alley where the same patrolmen sees and confronts him. Hana, back in DenLiner, realizes Momotaros isn’t on board and is currently in Ryoutarou’s body, and orders Momotaros to return. Regaining his consciousness, Ryoutarou realizes ‘he’ has injured one of the patrolmen and is now cornered by the police and the crowd. Hana tells Ryoutarou, through Momotaros, to run and go look for a door, which the DenLiner will arrive in 1 minute time, at the time of 12:12:12. Ryoutarou escapes in time.

Back in DenLiner, Momotaros receives a bashing again from Hana, and it is at this time which he is given the name ‘Momotaros’ by Ryoutarou, who is clearly pissed at the fact that Momotaros had spent all his money on clothes earlier on. The owner of DenLiner, simply known as ‘Owner’ makes his appearance this time, treating coffee to the lively three. (A strange point: he addresses Naomi-chan as Naomi-kun, which to my knowledge, is usually reserved for guys) Hana then tells Ryoutarou that she had made a contract with Owner to chase the Imagin.

The man, or Yamagoshi Yuu, returns to his apartment, only to find the mob had visited and vandalized the place. While tearing the slips, he gets possessed by an Imagin, and the Imagin appears to Yuu in his apartment.

Back in DenLiner, Ryoutarou confronts Owner, who is shown to have a strange eating habit, with questions about why the Imagins are trying to change the flow of time, and about Den-O. Owner only gives an ambiguous answer of whether everyone knows everything or not, time still flows. But he promises that those without a pass or ticket will not cross time, no matter who they are, and leaves promptly after the flag on his meal has fallen (the strange eating habit).

Back at Yuu’s apartment, he’s wary of meeting the Imagin again, and recalls the previous encounter, which he formed a contract, wishing to have ‘hell lot of money’, and the materialized Chameleon Imagin goes off to do just so. It is revealed that Yuu works as a street busker, playing the guitar, but does not seem to go well at all. The Chameleon Imagin goes on to rob a bank nearby.

Back at Milk Dipper, Airi applies the patch of paste on Ryoutarou’s back, and soon after Airi leaves and Ryoutarou falls asleep, Momotaros takes over immediately and goes out, removing the patch and throwing it on the ground. He has gone to meet with Yuu as promised earlier in the day, who had planned to rob the mob himself while Momotaros/Ryoutarou distracts them. After promising to give 9350-en (the amount Momotaros had spent off Ryoutarou) and more of the takings to Momotaros, Yuu carries out with his plan, Momotaros is stopped by Hana before he can act his part of the plan. Momotaros then smells the Chameleon Imagin, which Hana realizes has formed a contract with a human, and he sets his sights on the Imagin instead.

After trash talking with each other, Momotaros/Ryoutarou, who has transformed into Den-O Sword Form, and the Chameleon Imagin battles, but the Imagin escapes by turning invisible before getting hit by Sword Form’s Hissatsu Attack Part 2 (it’s actually no different from the usual). Meanwhile, Yuu escapes from the mob’s hideout with their money, getting chased in the process, and realizes Momotaros/Ryoutarou has abandoned him. After the battle, Momotaros also realizes that he has forgotten about Yuu and rushes off to find him, but is chased out of the body by Ryoutarou himself, who has woken up. Yuu finds him instead and comments that it was mean of Ryoutarou to trick him. But the mob catches up before the duo can do anything, this time carrying extensible batons to fend against Ryoutarou.

Ryoutarou then asks himself why all these are happening.

In pain to the extent where walking is actually less painful than cycling

No end to Ryoutarou’s horrendous bad luck

Momotaros sees the chance for his appearance

Yamagoshi Yuu(山越 祐), portrayed by Namioka Kazuki(波岡 一喜

Momotaros, the name of the Red Imagin made official by Ryoutarou

The very strange eating habit of Owner, involving a flag

The Chameleon Imagin


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