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The Meaning of Friendship

Read today’s papers (the sun’s gonna rise in the west tomorrow) and 3 letters that were sent by the public in response to a specific article published a few days ago, ‘16000 ‘Friends’ And Counting (just read it 😛 ), which was about 2 sisters who have thousands of ‘friends’ each in their 11 Friendster accounts (together). 2 are negative, 1 positive, but not on the girls, but how Friendster brought her to her boyfriend.

After reading the main article, the response is understandable. The younger sister had commented in the article that she ‘thinks people add her (in Friendster) because they like her photos and videos…’, which were described as ‘glam (…) photos of herself in micro-mini skirts’ and ‘appears in skimpy clothing, dancing in her bedroom’. It was also written in the article that the sisters feel the more friends they have, the more popular they are. And in her account, it is written that she does receive negative comments, like calling a slut (as written in the papers), but she isn’t bothered by them. Maybe she agrees with them instead?
So now the definition of a friend has taken a step ‘forward’ to being ‘someone who not necessarily has to know you but likes your photos and videos’. Guess dictionaries need to be revised again soon.

I agree with the 2 letters on the point that, how many of your ‘friends’ online are your true friends? Out of the thousand ‘friends’ you have, how many do you really know? How many of these ‘friends’ can you depend on when in times of need? For me, even if I have met and spoke to the person, I would only regard him/her as an ‘acquaintance’ if I do not know the person well enough.
In my opinion, the views of these people linking friendship with popularity are superficial, like the photos/videos they put online, only showing what they choose to be like on the outside, but never possible to show the heart of the person.

Well, most of these people would remarked that they ARE popular because so many people, or ‘friends’, know them, like the many idols and superstars we see on TV. However, understand one thing: these people are in fact ‘cheating’ the feelings of these ‘friends’, for they look at them more as their fans rather than friends. However, we don’t see idols/superstars calling their fans ‘friends’, no matter how grateful they are to these people during the course of their careers.

‘Friends’ of such people, open your eyes. You are in a ‘scam’. A ‘scam’ that’s widely accepted, unfortunately.

Yet Friendster is not the problem. In fact, it is useful, providing a way of communication for friends over long distances. In some instances, it even helps people find their potential partners in life, like the person in the 3rd letter, or help find their long-lost friends. So, the problem ultimately does not lies with the application, but the people using it.

One can’t help but think that the worth of a friend, or being one, has gotten much less at this age.


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