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Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 02

Ride on Time

Continuing from the previous episode, Ryoutarou is seen back in DenLiner, exhausted from the battle with the Bat Imagin. The girl introduces herself as Hana, and another girl dressed in a sassy outfit makes her appearance: Naomi-chan, introducing herself as a ‘spunky’ crew member of DenLiner and seems to serve nothing but (weird, multi-colored) coffee. Adding to the lists of introduction is that of the red Imagin, the one which had possessed Ryoutarou and made it possible for Den-O to shift to Sword Form, which he will eventually be named Momotaros by Ryoutarou, based on the Japanese folklore Momotarou the Peach Boy.

After Ryoutarou recovers from fainting again at the sight of Momotaros, Hana goes on to explain to him the Imagin phenomenon that’s going on. The Imagin are from the future. Arriving at the time of 2007, do not have a body of their own, so they each pick a person to possess and uses the image in their mind to create a body of its own. Then, with a body now, they will form a contract and grant a wish from the person they possess, but with something in return: the person’s time of the past. After the Imagin grants the wish (in whatever way they deemed fit), they will travel back to the past which the person has the strongest memory of, with the sole purpose of changing the past in order to change the present and future. After the explaination from Hana, Ryoutarou gets Tetsuo’s key holder from Hana.

Ryoutarou returns to the present and into Milk Dipper, and then goes on to find Tetsuo to return his key holder. He finds the group of people Tetsuo hangs out with, but he is absent. With the key holder in his possession, he searches for Tetsuo, but meets Oozaki Seigi(尾崎 正義), a reporter, on his way, who is flirting with a woman. Worried that Ryoutarou might tell on him to Airi, he quickly feigns ignorance and lies that he’s collecting information about the news of a monster attacking people and snatching only key holders. Hearing this, Momotaros takes over, furious at the fact that the Bat Imagin is still alive, and throws Oozaki in a fit. Ryoutarou, taking over again, rushes off to find Tetsuo after apologizing to Oozaki.

He finds Tetsuo on a rooftop, where the Bat Imagin is tormenting Tetsuo for being ‘useless’. Ryoutarou throws Tetsuo’s key holder to the Imagin, telling him to stop attacking the people. With the key holder now in his possession, the Bat Imagin has completed the contract with Tetsuo and he travels back in time through a portal in Tetsuo’s body. Hana arrives soon after and holds a card, a Rider Ticket, at Tetsuo’s head, which shows the time the Imagin has traveled back into: 24th Dec 2004. Hana asks Tetsuo about what happened then, and a flashback is played, showing the passing of Tetsuo’s mother and Testuo not being at her side. The last Christmas present left by his mother is the key holder.

At that time of the past, Tetsuo is taken over by the Imagin and he runs amok with a lorry, ramming into and destroying properties like bridges and pillars, which is shown to be also affecting the very same properties, causing them to be either destroyed or disappear, resulting in even the collapsing of buildings.

Ryoutarou travels back to the 24th Dec, 2004 using the Rider Ticket on DenLiner and controlling it as Den-O with his bike, Machine DenBird(マシンデンバード). With the DenLiner arriving at the station of this Time, the Bat Imagin-possessed Tetsuo rams it, but is knocked out cold. DenLiner also manages to brake before crashing into a building, which would have caused greater damage. A mysterious man clad in a trench coat and a hat, covering his features, stands right in front of DenLiner in the building, taking out and polishing a pocket watch before leaving. The Bat Imagin leaves Tetsuo’s body and once again, Den-O Sword Form and the Bat Imagin battles, but also again, proves to be of no match to Den-O, falling under Sword Form’s Hissatsu Attack Part 2, which actually is the same attack, just sounded cooler.

It is not over, as the Bat Imagin grows into a Gigandeath Heaven Imagin. Den-O then controls DenLiner again, the entire train this time transforming into a form known as Gouka(ゴウカ・業火), with the 4 compartments of the DenLiner each attacking with a weapon relating to Momotarou, and the dog, the monkey, and the pheasant that Momotarou had met in the folklore, which dispatches the Gigandeath Heaven quickly.

Before Ryoutarou leaves on DenLiner, he brings Tetsuo to see his mother before her last breath, and this time he manages to receive the Christmas gift from her own hands. Back in DenLiner, another character makes his appearance: the owner of DenLiner, who has been known as ‘Owner’ so far. And Ryoutarou decides to think for a while longer, before telling Momotaros his wish and forming a contract, to Momotaros’ frustrations.

Naomi(ナオミ), portrayed by Akiyama Rina(秋山 莉奈)

Momotaros(モモタロス), voiced by Seki Toshihiko(関 俊彦), and played by the amazing Takaiwa Seiji(高岩 成二

Hana(ハナ), portrayed by Shiratori Yuriko(白鳥 百合子)

Nogami Airi(野上 愛理), as portrayed by Matsumoto Wakana(松本 若菜)

The Rider Ticket, showing the time of the past the contracted Imagin has traveled to

Hissatsu Waza!!…Part 2…?

Owner of DenLiner, ‘Owner’(オーナー), portrayed by Ishimaru Kenjirou(石丸 謙二郎)


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