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Received a comment from Random J for my Skull Man post…got me thinking about anime again, especially for Naruto and BLEACH, 2 of the most popular animes around…the world…?

For Naruto, I had been watching it from Episode 01 to 124~125 (can’t remember where I had stop, was around when the fillers started soon after)…but stop after it had been licensed, and when the filler episodes seemed to go on forever. Until the end of story arc of Sasuke’s rescue mission, it had been great. But when the fillers started, everything great about it starts to collapse.
I know now that ‘Naruto’ has ended and ‘Naruto Shippuden’ is the new title, but nothing has improved. I was looking forward to the first episode indeed, but I knew then that it is nothing compared to the manga when they started to spoil the plot for everyone who don’t read the manga, by showing SASUKE!!! Call it a good start if you want, but I feel such an opening has taken away the sense of suspense in the plot, and cut off the curiosity of the audience. I still remembered how I was looking forward to seeing the Sasuke after the 2-and-half years absence, and I recalled reading in forums the people’s comments on how they couldn’t wait for the appearance of him, like I did (though I don’t like Sasuke).

And the anime destroys them all.

Another thing about the anime. What was it about Naruto that had attracted, at least, me, if not the rest of the viewers of the anime? To me, one of the attractions was the ninjutsu of countless varieties, and the swift, decisive battles which the jutsu are displayed. But now? A bloody battle can be stretched to an unbearable 5~6 episodes (how do I know? Well, I still have friends who still watches it), with the characters having unnecessary lines like those from a B-grade video. Some characters even explain their own jutsu to their enemies!!!

A major turn-off indeed.

Now about BLEACH. I have to agree that the plot of the anime is much more faithful than that of Naruto’s, when compared to their respective mangas, except for the Bounto (is it spelled like that?) story arc. I watched BLEACH only until episode ~70 (which the Bounto story arc started shortly), and stopped after it’s licensed. And it was also around that point that the artwork for the anime started to deteriorate. In what way?

I’ll just say I will not watch any anime where the female characters look like their male counterparts. Yesterday I had a friend who showed me the latest opening of BLEACH, and I saw Ichigo in an orange wig…or was it Inoue?

Naruto has this problem too. I saw in many of the Shippuden episodes which Sakura looked like some guy with a fetish for pink.

I think people are still watching them because they will feel like they will lose a part of themselves if they do not watch something that they have been faithful all along. Reasons also include not being able to read the mangas. (An interesting thing to point out: Being in Singapore, the mangas are mostly in Chinese. Yet I have friends who are Chinese complaining that the English versions are too freaking expensive compared to the Chinese versions, and they don’t read the Chinese ones, because they can’t read Chinese! Not even 简体, or simplified, Chinese!!!)

Try as you like, my friends, but I think I’ll never watch them again against my own accord. 🙂

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