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Proposal Daisakusen Episode 08

A super speedy release by Love Song this time! Kudos to them!!!

This episode is about forgetting…and finally, a confession, but not from Ken again. And this time, Ken has got help (somewhat).

As declared by Ken in the previous episode that he wants to give up on time-traveling, we do not see Ken looking at the photo in the slide-show ‘cursing’ himself this time. Instead, Ken just looks at the photo, which was taken on the first New Year’s Day Rei and Tada spent together as a couple, telling it’s no use and that it’s too late. Then, as shown previously, Mikio tells Ken that he knows/knew that Ken has been traveling back to the past right until the last photo, and that he would have helped him if he had knew earlier. Ken lets Mikio know of the ‘weird old man’ that has been sending him back under his questioning, and when Ken realizes he could have Mikio’s help if he goes back this time, sure enough, the yousei appears again.

The yousei, after expressing his annoyance with Ken’s description of him and Ken’s fickle-mindedness (remember that all the above have happened in a matter of minutes), presents to Ken another solution to his problems: Change not the present, but the past. He advises Ken that instead of trying so hard to change the present and fail everytime, he should just change his own past and forget about Rei, so that he will not be suffering so much in the present. With that harsh, yet practical, advice in his head, Ken leaves again.

Upon returning, he sees Rei smashing down on ‘him’ with a hammer. He apologizes or no reason again, the others except Mikio puzzled yet again, only to realizes that Rei and him had only been preparing rice cakes for the New Year. He soon searches for Mikio to ask for his help, but he obviously hasn’t come to realize that Ken has been time-traveling and that the future ‘himself’ has promised to help Ken if he knew earlier. Only after Ken predicts Yuko has called Mikio to suddenly propose to him, then he deals with the call coolly and then screams “You have supernatural powers!”

The gang gathers again at their usual spot, Burger Shogun, where they discussed how each of them would spend the money of 300 million-en if they won it. Ken also says that DKNY stand for ‘Don’t Knock New York’, to everyone’s amusement (to mine too). Soon after that, they make their way to their ex-baseball school team’s Kouhaku (Red/White; go Google it or something), with Ken complaining to Mikio on the way that he’s supposed to help, who in turn asks him to complain to his future self. They have a crazy time at the karaoke, especially Itou-(ex)sensei, and it is revealed that Rei had agreed to go out with Tada ( 😦 ) while the girls are in the ladies touching up on their make-up, but Rei hasn’t let Ken know yet.

After the Kouhaku, the gang leaves for Ken’s apartment. Mikio, who can’t bear to see Ken’s dejected face, creates a chance for Ken and Rei to be alone and hopefully, allow Ken to confess. However, before he can do that, Rei lets Ken knows of her decision to go out with Tada, and even confesses to him that she was once crazy about Ken. It’s rather obvious by now that Ken did not say a word about his feelings.

At Ken’s apartment, the gang plus a trespassing Tada countdowns to the New Year together while eating hand-made soba. Soon after, the gang are in Mikio’s car waiting to head to the beach to watch the New Year’s first sunrise, but Ken, clearly frustrated and decided to forget about Rei, vents his frustrations and says he will not be going. The gang obviously has never seen him like that before, and sure enough, they leave behind him.

Ken, alone on this New Year’s Day, heads to Burger Shogun and downs his sorrows with Tamotsu…while the gang reaches the beach, only to find that everything is just different without Ken around, who has always been together with them……

The worst New Year’s Day for Ken

Ken’s impression of the yousei

The yousei clearly displeased by Ken’s description of himself

Stating yet another unpleasing, yet true fact of humans

Ken attacked by Rei…?

Mikio finally knows of Ken’s time-traveling ability

Ken’s understanding of DKNY

Mikio complaining about Ken complaining

Risshuu’s school baseball team’s very own Kouhaku(紅白)

A simply terrifying sight to behold

Just what does Rei’s hesitation mean…?

Mikio creates a chance…

…for Ken to be disappointed again

Adding on to Ken’s pains: Rei’s confession (that came too late)

The trespassing Tada

Happy New Year! (someone isn’t happy though)

Ken abandons the gang for the first time, to their surprise

Spending New Year’s Day with Tamotsu and beer instead…?

The gang realizing that something just does not add up

Is Ken a little happier in this changed photo…?

Next episode! The yousei presents to Ken……the very last photo in the slide-show (again?)!!! The one taken when Rei accepts Tada’s proposal!!!



One response to “Proposal Daisakusen Episode 08

  1. Random J Wednesday, June 13, 2007 at 2236

    Oooooooooo! I’m only on episode 6 at the moment. I’m really liking this drama. The first couple of episodes reminded me of Nobuta wo produce – with the whole high school thing going on. I’ll have to get up to speed and have myself an ‘Operation love’ marathon tonight! 😛

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