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Blabbering of a Fool

The Skull Man: The 3rd Night

Starting off with Yoshio playing the church organ, we see Yui and Sayoko backstage, after Yui’s well-received performance on the stage. Yui receives a death threat on the bouquet of flowers she had received from the mayor of Ootomo, Mayor Kusaka, and faints. Back to Hayato and Kiriko, they decided that they split up in their investigations, Kiriko going after Onizuka Yui and Hayato looking into the connection between Byakureikai and Yui.A crowd of people from the media has gathered outside the hotel to get more about the death threat incident from Yui herself, and Sayoko, under the guise of Yui to divert the media’s attention from the whereabouts of the real Yui, has trouble getting into the hotel. The crowd quickly leaves after discovering the diversion. Kiriko is also tricked by this diversion, but notices Rena nearby the hotel, who seems to have noticed Kiriko too.

It is revealed that Yui is supposedly the lover/mistress of the police chief, Haniwa Gisuke, the same chief who sent Detective Shinjou to follow Hayato. Sayoko, back in the hotel room, acts out a scene in ‘Macbeth’, expressing an interest in acting herself. After their ‘act’, Gisuke receives a phone call from a mysterious man who resembles Gouzo, and Yui soon disappears, returning to the hotel room where Sayoko is asleep in.

We see Sayoko on her way to Saint Maria Church in the rain, where she recognizes Maya. They have a conversation (strange, for they didn’t seek shelter, willing to carry their umbrellas like dum-dumbs), which Maya tells Sayoko that she can ‘fly, higher and farther than anyone’. Sayoko is amazed by her words. She then reveals that the day she had arranged to meet with Yoshio is actually the next day, and she is currently just dropping by.

Kiriko manages to sneak into the backstage of the theatre Yui is performing is performing in. Yui receives yet another blackmail, telling her to go to Kagura Theatre, which failure to comply would result in the photo of her going out with another man other than Gisuke be made public. When Kiriko manages to sneak into Yui’s dressing room, it is vacant, but she sees the words ‘Kagura Theatre’ from the burnt remains of the blackmail letter.

Fearing Gisuke’s wrath if he knew, Yui turns up in the theatre, where she sees Rena. She demands Rena to return the original copy of the photo, and Rena comments that she will do so, for the ‘star’ that night isn’t her, but Sayoko. Shifting to Hayato, he meets the old man again in a coffee bar, this time knowing his name, Tachiki Kyouichirou, a private investigator. They exchange information, with Kyouichirou telling Hayato there is more than meets the eye about Ootomo Pharmaceutical Company. Hayato, obviously unwilling to suspect Gouzo, is given another piece of information: the chairperson of the Byakureikai is Gouzo’s wife, Kuroshio Sara.

Back to Yui and Sayako, they are being ‘hunted down’ by Rena with a whip. Yui falls off a ledge and Sayako grabs on to her, but she still falls due to bloodied hands, but not before breaking Sayoko’s necklace, which is of the same design as the item Hayato had seen on the ground where he landed after being thrown. Sayoko suddenly remembers Maya’s words, and wings burst out from her back, and she flys to catch Yui before she hits the ground. Sayoko, having transformed into a beast, then faces off with both Rena and Tetsurou, who both have also transformed into the werewolf beasts which we saw chasing after Tachibana Hitomi. Kiriko has been witnessing all these in the theatre. Skull Man soon joins in the fight, where it is implied that the siblings are followers, not not allies, of Skull Man. Kiriko tries to shoot Skull Man (with her camera), but is stopped by Skull Man himself. She tries again, but this time is interrupted by Tetsurou, who knocks her out cold. The battle is eventually fought up on the rooftops, where Skull Man eventually pins Sayoko down. After both say a verse (or a line, I’m not into literature) from ‘Macbeth’, Skull Man finishes her off with his blade from his right hand, where it is seen that the body is that of Sayoko’s human form.

Hayato, rushing to the theatre to find Kiriko after seeing a note on his apartment door, finds her lying on the ground. He wakes her up, and she tells Hayato that she had seen the ‘Skeleton Man’ and that she has shot him on film. Both of them leaves before the police arrives, leaving the fainted Yui behind, letting the police take care of her.

But what they didn’t know is that Skull Man had gone back and killed Yui with his pistol, and they only know of her death, together with Sayoko’s, from a news report on television.

Onizuka Yui receives a death threat in the bouquet of flowers

Rena seemingly looking at Kiriko through the camera lens

Yui, mistress/lover of Haniwa Gisuke, the police chief

The mysterious item seen before every murder Skull Man commits

Sayoko transforming into a winged beast

Rena transforms into a werewolf-like beast…

…which Tetsurou does so too

Moments before Skull Man’s finishing blow to Sayoko

The Skull Man is shaping up to be quite something. The art work bears a resemblance to that of Cyborg 009, but a lot darker and mature. The action scenes are good too, though short…justifying the fact of Kamen Rider being created because Skull Man is too violent. The plot is deep, but not really interesting enough to capture the attention of the audience long enough, I think. But I shall stick by Skull Man, and ‘get to the bottom of things’…haha. 🙂


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