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Blabbering of a Fool

The Skull Man: The 2nd Night

We are shown an abstract, mashed-up sequence of various newspaper reports on Skull Man, asking questions like ‘Murderer?’ and ‘Skeleton?’, and several footages of Skull Man himself. All these apparently seems to be from Hayato’s dream, who wakes up in a cell and with a bandaged head. The same hot-blooded detective, Shinjou Tsuyoshi, that the chief had sent to track the movements of Hayato then interrogates him, shouting in his face that he is the prime suspect for the murder of the man Hayato had seen slain the previous night, but after receiving a phone call, Hayato is released. Tsuyoshi declares that he will catch Hayato red-handed, and Hayato mocks him, to his frustration. At the gate, Hayato is greeted by Kuroshio Gouzo’s aide, Kumashiro Masaki, who had sent him to receive Hayato.

Back at the Kuroshio estate, Hayato thanks Gouzo for helping to bail him out. But Gouzo reveals that it was actually Kiriko who had helped by informing him. Gouzo adds that he will prepare permits for the both of them, but warns Hayato not to do anything rash again. Hayato is then mesmerized at the sight of Gouzo’s daughter, Kuroshio Maya, whom Gouzo comments is not of good health. In the car, Kumashiro Masaki is having a phone conversation with Usami Akira, a researcher working under Gouzo. Akira is clearly blackmailing Masaki, stating that he knows everything and demands to be told the details of everything that’s going on, but after getting a warning instead of a reply, Masaki hangs up abruptly when he hears a car driving into the estate. In it is probably the same military officer who had gunned down a man in the station, and he is apparently paying Gouzo a visit, right just when Hayato and Kiriko is leaving.

The scene briefly shifts to Onizuka Yui and her assistant, Karasuma Sayoko, where is revealed that Ootomo is the hometown of Sayoko. Shifting back to Hayato and Kiriko, who are having their meal, they meet with the old man again. Hayato and Kiriko then hear much information about Ootomo: Byakureikai(白鈴會), the currently biggest religious group in Ootomo, which is handling the memorial service for Tachibana Hitomi; and the story of the Kagura family, about the Kagura Pharmaceutical Company becoming Ootomo Pharmaceutical Company after being taken over, the president of the company and his eldest son being burnt to death in an accident, and rumour about the son, Kagura Tatsuo, being still alive. Hayato asks the old man if he is a tabloid reporter like himself, but he replies like what Hayato had done so: after something much bigger.

Leaving the cafe, Hayato tells Kiriko not to follow him around anymore, and they each go their separate ways after a dispute.

Hayato tries to get information about the ‘Skeleton Man’ from a group of hooligans in an underground tunnel, but ends up getting punched in the gut. Before he can receive any further beatings from them, he is ‘rescued’ by the same mysterious biker woman, Shingyouji Rena, from before. The group decides to shift their attention to her, when another man appears. Shingyouji Tetsurou, Rena’s brother, beats the crap out of them, displaying superhuman strength in the midst of the brawl.

Hayato, with the help of Rena, visits a church and pretends to be making a confession to the priest, who turns out to be his childhood friend, Kanzaki Yoshio. They have a heart-to-heart chat, during which Yoshio adds that the Kagura accident is actually arson, as rumour has it. Hayato comes up with the conclusion that Kagura Tatsuo, who is supposedly still alive, is seeking revenge from Ootomo Pharmaceutical Company. He is then mesmerized again at the sight of Kuroshio Maya, who is helping out at the church orphanage. He goes out to greet her, and is requested by Maya to not tell Gouzo about her helping out in the orphanage, which Hayato agrees. Maya is shown to like children very much, describing them to be beautiful.

Yoshio receives a call from Sayoko, who are old acquaintances as they were both from the same church Yoshio is now serving, the Saint Maria Church, and they have the same photo. Both seems delighted to hear from each other. Scene shifts to outside the church, where Rena and Tetsurou are. Rena receives a piece from her brother, and seems troubled by it. Tetsurou then tells her of the situation of those hooligans, who ended up being constraint together by metal pipes.

Hayato heads back home, only to find Kiriko in his apartment again, despite the dispute they had earlier in the day. Kiriko then tells him he needs her to be his partner, and shows him photos she has taken. At first look Hayato declares they are all junk, but after closer looking prompted by Kiriko, he discovers that Tachibana Hitomi, Usui Yakihiko, the man whom Hayato saw murdered, and the Byakureikai have a connection.

A mysterious man is ten shown smiling while watching an interview from Yui with his many monitors, in a room where the pictures of Tachibana Hitomi and Usui Yakihiko can be seen pinned up.

Detective Shinjou(新條 剛) faces off with Hayato

Kuroshio Maya(黒潮 真耶) (right…duh?)

Kumashiro Masaki(神代 正樹)

Usami Akira(宇佐神 明)

Shingyouji Rena(真行寺 麗奈)

Shingyouji Tetsurou(真行寺 徹郎)

Kanzaki Yoshio(神崎 芳生)

Karasuma Sayoko(烏丸 小夜子)


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