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Proposal Daisakusen Episode 07

This is THE episode where everything seems to be over for Ken. However, this is also THE episode that changed my view towards Tada…let’s just say being dull and simple-minded at times have got their own pros, other than the usual cons, when compared to having pride.

The photo this time, which broke the wedding host’s announcement of the previous photo being the last in the slide show, was taken during the ‘matsuri’ (festival) in their summer break, when Tada had finally confessed to Rei, before Ken. Eri was missing from the photo. Looking at this photo, Ken thinks to himself that he could confess to Rei before Tada did, the present now probably wouldn’t be as such, and so he prays hard again to go back. The yousei of course appears, but tells him this time that he wouldn’t be able to change anything at all if he doesn’t break out of his shell. Ken tries something different this time when trying to travel back to the past (the old. usual, playful Ken), but it doesn’t work. The yousei thens scolds him, telling him that he had already warned him to break out of his shell. Ken, doing it right this time, then goes back.

To Ken’s shock, he sees Rei and Tada facing each other, telling each other that they like each other. Ken, remembering the yousei’s words about breaking out of his shell, shouts that he likes it too. No ones understands what he is talking about, especially when he says he has always like it for over 10 years. It is then revealed that the 2 of them were only acting out a scene in Winter Sonata, which was the craze in that time of the past. Rei and Tada apparently are both crazy about it. Socrates, who dressed himself up as Yon-sama (but with bermudas, which seems strange), starts to make a pun on the title. Ken, breaking the fourth wall, then ask Yon-sama for help.

The gang of 5 are then shown to be cleaning up Tada’s office, with the guys, of course, lazing around instead. Ken, who sees a chance of both Rei and him being alone, tries to confess to Rei, but sees Mikio filming him with his new camera and because of his pride, is unable to continue his confession. Rei, who thinks that the both of them are trying to play a fool and not help with the cleaning, orders them to move the unwanted items to the recycling area behind the school. Mikio complains to Ken that they should be at the beach enjoying themselves on such a day, instead of doing all these labour work, and Ken agrees, thinking he would have a greater chance of confessing to Rei if at the beach. They then see their ex-teacher, Itou, returning from tennis practice. Itou gives another lame reason to explain what tennis has got to do with pottery, and skips away with his girlfriend (?!).

Eri and Rei have a chat back in the office, with Rei commenting that it’s rare to see Eri so free during the summer break. Eri, revealing that she does not have a boyfriend at that time and seemingly having some problems with her previous relationship, comments that it must be great to be like Rei, who doesn’t waver after making a decision. Rei, thinking back on the time when she tried to confess to Ken but failed, replies that one cannot move on if one cannot be firm about things. Tada, in another room of the office, is sorting out his books and comes across a photo album. Looking through the photos, he smiles, thinking about the wonderful times he has had from the time he was a trainee teacher. Stopping at a photo of Rei, he seems to be ‘enlightened’ about something, and hearing Rei’s voice, he goes to watch Rei from behind a shelf…indicating that he realizes he has feelings for Rei.

Ken and Mikio, taking a short break after moving the items, have a short ‘guy’ conversation, and find a shelf which they decided could be reused after cleaning up. We then see the gang washing up the shelf, when Tsuru suddenly gets hit by one of many water balloons Eri and Rei had found. Ken reveals another thing of the future to the four of them, which actually only happens on that very night, and this act would eventually result in one of them realizing Ken has been time-traveling. It soon escalates into an all-out battle with water balloons. The guys make a bet on juice by seeing who is able to hit a can with a water balloon, and Ken, who decides that he must do something soon or lose Rei’s smile from his side, requests Rei that she go out with him if he hits the can, not giving Rei a chance to rebut. Ken really hits the can, but Rei only tells him to “leave these kind of miracles to the time of your true confession”, clearly making a point that Ken’s request has been ignored and leaving Ken speechless.

The gang finally finishes their work and they each receives an appreciation from Tada, but Rei takes their ‘paycheck’, saying it is for their fee. They all leave soon after, and we see the guys setting up a picnic of sorts on the rooftop of a building, supposedly a scenic spot to watch the fireworks display from the matsuri that night. Ken wonders where the 2 girls have gone to, and realizes it was that night when Tada confesses to Rei. Ken then rushes to meet Rei, but stops when he sees both Rei and Eri in yukata, obviously stunned at the sight of Rei. Heaving a sigh of relief, Ken promises to himself to confess to Rei before Tada does. Ken tries again moments before the fireworks, and cut off by them…or rather, the sounds of the fireworks. Apparently, Tsuru has messed up on the rooftop being a scenic spot to watch fireworks display, for their view has been blocked by an entire block of apartments. While Tsuru is being punished by Mikio and Eri for messing up, Rei comments that it would be too desolate for them to miss the fireworks display and that she would go and get the fireworks Eri and her had earlier found at Tada’s office. Ken, trying to prevent Tada from confessing to Rei, insists that he go with her.

Before they could go, Eri receives a text message from her ex-boyfriend, saying that he’s lonely and wants her company. Mikio, frustrated, reminds Eri that he is just toying with her, and that he was the one who broke up with her. However, Tsuru, not wanting Eri to be disappointed, encourages her to go meet the guy. Despite being the one who encouraged Eri to go, we see Tsuru downing his sorrows with beer, with the rest keeping silent, after Eri has left. Rei tries to leave the guys alone by going to get the fireworks, but Ken only watches her go. Ken reprimands Tsuru, saying that he shouldn’t let Eri go. Tsuru replies that he shouldn’t hinder her, and comments that he himself knows Eri is something he could never reach no matter how he reaches out his hands. Ken then scolds him, telling him that he will never know unless he tries. (These words are actually meant for Ken himself.) Tsuru then begins to understand the meaning of his words……

Eri’s not in the photo this time

Wise words again from the yousei

A confession from Tada straight away after returning…?!

Socrates as Yon-sama in Winter Sonata

Ken breaking the fourth wall for the first time

Complaining about work during summer break

A totally unbelievable scene

A heart-to-heart chat between the girls

Tada looking at Rei affectionately

Tsuru getting hit by a water balloon from Eri

A water war with water balloons

Ken makes a selfish request…

…and Rei brushes it off

A wonderful sight: Rei and Eri dressed in yukata

Ken tries confessing to Rei again

A scenic spot to watch the fireworks display…?!

Ken teaching Tsuru about failure and regret

Nothing’s changed…except Eri’s in the photo now…?

The yousei, clearly furious at Ken’s failure again…

…and disappointed by Ken’s decision at the end

This is the episode where Ken gives up time-traveling. The yousei apparently accepts his decision, and disappears. However, Ken is shocked: Mikio knew that Ken had been time-traveling, and comments that that photo was the last time Ken has went back. And this time, there is no next photo shown.


And Ken cries in the next episode……

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