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Hey…got too much time on my hands…so decided to write the summaries for Kamen Rider Den-O episodes. Haha. The series is still going on, by the way.

Kamen Rider Den-O(仮面ライダー電王) is unlike any other previous Kamen Rider series, for it is for like a comedy series, which I think, targeted more for kids. This series focuses much on time-travel, something which Kamen Rider Kabuto has touched on, this time the monsters known as Imagin(イマジン)try to travel to the past in our world through granting people’s wishes (in their own twisted ways), so as to destroy the present and make our world theirs.

And of course, our protagonist Den-O has to stop that from happening.

This debut episode starts off with DenLiner, the train of Time, chasing a group of ‘spectres’ though the deserts of Time, but ultimately losing them when they travel through a portal out of Time, and into our present. Next we find our protagonist, Nogami Ryoutarou, who has unbelievable bad luck, being stuck up on a tree from cycling (wonder how?). After he was rescued, he once again meets with an accident by having his wheels burst by a shattered glass bottle, and crashing near a group of ruffians, who demands compensation money from him. Ryoutarou, being an utterly nice guy, hands over his wallet obediently, but still ends up getting beaten up after he misses throwing a can into the trashcan and hits one of the ruffians instead.

Getting up after the beating, Ryoutarou comments that he was particularly down on his luck that day, for he is strangely covered with sand. He picks up a strange item that was stuck in a metal grill, and when he tries to enter the police station to return the item at 11:11:11 am, he steps into the deserts of Time instead to his amazement. DenLiner then stops right in front of him, which a girl alights and steps through a doorway into the present time, a distance away from Ryoutarou. On the other hand, a door opens in front of him, and another girl appears, offering coffee to him. Ryoutarou accepts it after slight hesitation, and only realizes something strange has happened after heading through the door and back into the present, with the coffee in his hand.

It seems the girl who alighted DenLiner was the owner of the item Ryoutarou had found, as she goes to the exact location where he had found it. However, instead of finding the item, she finds a bell key-holder, and decides to take it with her. As she leaves, we see one of the ruffians, Tetsuo, coming back, also frantically searching for something: the chime key-chain, while sand starts to seep through his body. After asking a patrolman about his key-holder, he thinks that Ryoutarou had found it and runs off looking for him. Midway though, one of the ‘spectres’ possesses him, and sand literally pours out of his body, with the sand taking a form of a bisected monster, an Imagin. The Imagin asks Tetsuo what his wish is, and tells him he could grant any wish, but in exchange of something from him. Meanwhile, we see Ryoutarou getting possessed by another ‘spectre’ unknowingly, and before the Imagin can finish his sentence on asking his wish, he is smashed back into sand by Ryoutarou’s bicycle, who realizes he is late for something.

We are then introduced to Ryoutarou’s sister, Nogami Airi. She owns a cafe known as ‘Milk Dipper’ (strange name), where many guys patronize just to ogle at her. After seeing Ryoutarou return with bruises on his face, she asks if he had fallen into a manhole or got hit by a trishaw like last time, confirming Ryoutarou’s ‘Guinness-level’ bad luck. After realizing the item is still with him, Ryoutarou sets out again to return it. While cycling on the road however, DenLiner suddenly appears behind him, freaking him out. The same girl who alighted before asks for the ‘pass’ that Ryoutarou had picked up, but being stunned out of his mind, he replies that she should go to the police to recover her lost item. He thens cycles away from the train, leaving the girl surprised when she sees ash seeping from his body. Having lost the train, Ryoutarou once again encounters the ruffians, this time demanding he return the key-holder that he had ‘stolen’, but having no idea what they are talking about, he runs away and they give chase.

While escaping, Ryoutarou hears a voice from inside him and he crashes, resulting in the ruffians catching up to him. They beat him when he says he does not know anything about the key-holder, and Ryoutarou, believing it’s the end for him, apologises to his sister. However, the Imagin in his body couldn’t take it longer and takes over his body to retaliate, flinging one of them up a tree and using a metal stick to scare the other two. Before the Imagin can injure the two ruffians, Ryoutarou manages to suppress the Imagin and runs off, scared of himself. The Imagin then manifests itself in front of Ryoutarou asking for his wish, and being the first time he saw the Imagin, he thought he was a evil spirit. The girl, having followed Ryoutarou, appears, telling him that that was not it and that she sensed that he is special, calling him a ‘Singularity Point’(特異点). The Imagin appears to be enraged at the fact that Ryoutarou is a Singularity Point, and the girl further tells him that he can become Den-O(電王).

Tetsuo then appears, begging for Ryoutarou to return his key-holder, and sand starts pouring out from his body again, only this time the Imagin (Bat) has taken a complete, blue form, and the Bat Imagin attacks Ryoutarou. The girl orders Ryoutarou to transform, and teaches him how to (as Ryoutarou has totally no idea how to do so). Swiping the Rider Pass (the lost item) across the Terminal Buckle of the SetTouch (belt), Kamen Rider Den-O (Plat Form) finally makes his debut. Despite this, Ryoutarou still has no idea how to fight and ends up getting thrashed around by the Bat Imagin. The girl then tells him to press the red button on the Terminal Buckle, and after swiping the Rider Pass again, Den-O assumes a new form after the Imagin takes over: Sword Form. Den-O: Sword Form apparently destroys the Bat Imagin with his Hissatsu(必殺)attack, and after Ryoutarou transforms back, the girl ask him to fight together with her, and both of them board the DenLiner, with him commenting that he no longer has any energy to faint.

However, Tetsuo is seen staggering once again with sand pouring from his body, and the Bat Imagin manifesting from it. Guess it’s isn’t over.

Train of Time, DenLiner(デンライナー

Nogami Ryoutarou(野上 良太郎), portrayed by Satou Takeru(佐藤 健)

Momotaros(モモタロス) taking over

Kamen Rider Den-O(仮面ライダー電王)Plat Form(プラットフォーム

Den-O Sword Form(ソードフォーム

The Bat Imagin



One response to “Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 01

  1. Emine! Thursday, August 16, 2007 at 1940

    Hey Satou Takeru!
    I really love it,i luv the movie & the drama 😛 😉
    I see your newest serial “Kamen Rider Den-O” u are so cute and really fresh..
    Love ur acting & hope u can keep up ur good work.
    This movie is so funny..
    I love him in Kamen Rider Den-O 🙂
    This man is very pretty 🙂
    He`s good guy & so cute.. 😉

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