Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Going down…?

OK…just realised that there’s 1000 hits on this blog now…it must have been hard on it…bruised all over by so many hits…(?!?!)

Anyway, for UP-FRONT AGENCY/Hello!Project fans, you should know. First it was Kago Ai-san, next Tsuji Nozomi-san, and now, Fujimoto Miki-san’s left Morning Musume after being caught having a relationship with a comedian (no joke). Well, at least she’s still with UFA/H!P.

Just realised something from my friend too…it’s the June holidays for schools right now!!! DAMMIT!!! And there I was, expecting to have a rather peaceful day outside (window-)shopping…and now, it has been shattered by thoughts of rowdy teenage guys trying to impress their female friends, and teenage girls giggling (in high pitch) and shrieking away at the lame things their male friends perform.

Really. DAMN.

Remember something Meiying had told me. That it was just my luck to have known such…’good’ friends. Well, I agree. And yah, we are still friends alright…but somehow, one of them has played ‘blame game’ yet again and decided to ‘bend’ the story a bit, telling me that he’s not the kind of friend that I want.
But yeah, he’s still my friend. To me anyway.

Oh yeah, just my luck. Somehow everything will just end up with me being the wrongdoer.

If He is everywhere, then why does all these shit happen to me? Haha…I kinda hate my life now…wee bit… 😛

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