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Proposal Daisakusen Episode 06

AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! An absolutely disheartening episode this time!!! Almost didn’t wanna write about this episode, but I took the advice of the yousei of “not giving up in the middle”…and so, here it is.

The photo was taken during Rei’s 20th birthday, with meant her stepping into adulthood, and it is obvious Ken wasn’t with her when it was taken. Supposedly the last photo in the slideshow, Ken is simply depressed when the yousei appeared again, and swiftly this time, telling him that he WAS in the photo…by being in the photo with in turn, was in the photo (?). And so, with the advice of”not jumping to conclusions” from the yousei, Ken sets off.

He returns being face-to-face with Mikio’s girlfriend, Yuko, who was yelling in his face that ‘he’ was cheating on her…which actually meant Mikio. After a ‘battle of the sexes’, according to Tsuru, Yuko initiate a break-up, which Mikio readily accepts. Furious with his reaction, she tries to splash him with a jug of water, but Ken ends up being the one soaking wet, due to Mikio’s quick reflexes.

Yet, very strange enough, right after the gang had helped Mikio moved out of Yuko’s apartment, they reconciled! Tsuru seek advice from Mikio, but got very harsh words from both him and Socrates instead. Tada appeared in front of the gang to request Rei to take part in a competition due to a last-minute withdrawal from the previous candidate. Rei apparently wanted to turn it down, as it was her 20th (**very important, as it meant one is no longer a teenager, but an adult) birthday the next day, and they had planned to celebrate it that night, but Ken knew that this competition was an important event in her life, and so encouraged her to take the chance. (Guess Ken is really slow, not knowing that what mattered to Rei is that she wanted to spend her birthday with him) And so, Rei took the job, yet Ken is feeling helpless as he could only watch her and do nothing to help her along, but credit must still go to Ken for giving Rei his ‘Average Luck’ good luck charm.

Something’s strange about Eri too, as she had asked Tsuru to “go somewhere with her”!!! But to his disappointment, it was only a ‘guerrilla tactic’ by Eri to spite her boyfriend. But it seemed it didn’t go well between the two of them, leaving Eri heartbroken and Tsuru, depressed by the fact that Eri was in despair, still cheered her on, despite ‘being used’ by her. (I would say Tsuru this time has stolen the show in this episode, his actions were just too great)

Meanwhile, Ken’s flu (the consequence of Yuko splashing water at him) had taken its toll on Ken while he was working on the job he had begged Mikio to get him, so that he could get a gift for Rei for her birthday, and had become rather seriously ill as a result. Mikio called Rei to inform her about Ken’s condition, and after recalling the words of both Eri and Tada (why him) and also worried about Ken, she rushes off to see Ken……

Ken is not in this photo this time…or is he?

Seems like a really painful memory for Rei

Another great advice from the yousei

Mikio’s broken up with his girlfriend, Yuko…

…but Ken’s paying for it…

…but they reconciled soon after (?!), with the ‘deadly merry-go-round’

Harsh advice to Tsuru from Mikio

Even harsher advice to Tsuru from Socrates

An important event in Rei’s life…

…and Ken encourages her…

…and yet, feeling helpless about it

A ‘rabu’ letter to Ken, back in middle school

Desperate to earn money to get a gift for Rei

Simply elated to hear Eri’s asking him out somewhere…

…but turns out to be only a ‘guerrilla tactic’ by Eri

Nevertheless, still standing by the heartbroken Eri (kudos)

Illness (flu) taking its toll on Ken

Rei worried about Ken’s condition after hearing from Mikio

Nothing seems changed…wait, is there something behind the blinds…?

Oh yup, there’s Ken…(wth?!)

I would say this time, Ken has really done nothing significant to Rei. Instead, Tsuru is the one who has the touching performance this time, and somehow I feel Eri was touched by his actions too. Also, Ken reveals too much about the future to Mikio…which would somehow lead to a scene in the next episode (read Ex-Fansubber ひとり言’s post for details)…and also may be the reason why the slideshow hasn’t ended, although the photo in this episode is supposedly the last, as announced by the host. And yah, Ken exclaims in the next episode that he doesn’t want to go back in time anymore.



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