Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

A great loss…

Went down to the PC show yesterday at Suntec (I have no idea why they call it the ‘PC’ show, where are in fact other IT products on show there)…not there for shopping (no money), but to see my primary school friend, Meiying, whom I haven’t seen in ages. She actually didn’t change much from what I have remembered from my primary school days, except the fact that I’m taller than her now…haha…(sorry Meiying 😛 ). She still likes to giggle, and that’s good…haha…

Thanks to her for accompanying me while walking the PC show! And for lunch too (accompanying, not paying)!!! Haha…suddenly feel very bad for making her ‘disappear’ from work, causing her to worry unnecessarily… 😛

Gonna have my last wisdom teeth extraction tomorrow…kinda looking forward to it, for it means I’ll have 7 days of medical leave! Kinda NOT looking forward to it…for obvious reasons.

Oh yah, a very ‘devestating’ thing happened to me: my Zen Vision W is missing! Apparnetly stolen! In camp! F*** the person who did that! But maybe it was me who misplace it.


Screw the guy (not literally). I want my videos and mp3s back!!!

I wanna watch Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (yup, haven’t watched yet).


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