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Proposal Daisakusen Episode 05

By far the most touching episode in this drama (hardsubbed)!!! This episode basically centers around who is the ‘culprit’ who got Rei’s first kiss, and obviously Ken is very, very curious about who the person is.
The photo this time was taken in Ken’s apartment, with Rei looking glum (again?! Why Ken, why?!) and Ken having a slap mark across his right cheek. And yah, Tada’s in the picture (%$@#$%). But this time, Ken remembers why Rei had such a face at that time, reason being Ken trying to kiss Rei as a joke, and getting slapped as a result. And once again, the yousei appears, but this time Ken is REALLY happy to see him (starting to see the changes in Ken as well), and off to the past, he goes again. Hallelujah Chance!!!

Shockingly for Ken, he finds himself waking up, having a ‘kiss’ with Tsuru, who was also sleeping too. After such a scare and realizing he had returned to the time of the Japan Korea World Cup, he found another stranger in his apartment: Rei’s grandfather. All 5 of them at this point of time are in university. According to Rei, her grandpa just suddenly visited empty-handed, and not knowing what to do, she ‘requested’ Ken’s assistance for her grandpa’s care. Her grandpa seems rather eager to head down to their school, with the determination to ‘imprint on his mind the images of all the fresh and hot girls from the university’, and when Ken and Tsuru reached the gate, they saw Mikio getting all ‘smoochy-oochy’ with his girlfriend.

After Rei and Eri’s astonishing discovery of Itou-(ex)sensei becoming their classmate, they found Rei’s grandpa (who strayed from Ken and Tsuru), and left him under Tada’s care (even though they didn’t get along well…yet…) since they had classes to go to, in which Ken realized that he wasn’t in the same faculty as Rei, to his dismay. Ken returned to Tada’s office only to find the 2 men getting along very well, with Jiji (as Rei calls her grandpa) even saying that he wants Tada to be Rei’s husband (damn!).

Once again, Jiji was left under Ken’s care after the gang of 5 and Jiji had a gathering at Burger Shogun, as Rei still had work to do in school. Jiji decided to head back home without waiting for Rei, but before he left, he told Ken that it was obvious to him (maybe not just to him) that he liked Rei and asked why didn’t he take any positive actions, and gave Ken some very valuable advice before finally leaving……

Photo of the week, with Ken having ‘battle scars’ on his face…?

The origin of his ‘battle scars’

Simply elated to see the yousei

Rei and Eri, university students now

Mikio smooching his girlfriend…

…and for some reason, Tsuru can’t seem to accept it

From Itou-sensei to…Itou-kun…? Just look at how Rei and Eri are sitting

Rei’s ‘hip’ grandfather


So Tada’s doing architecture

Ken regrets a mistake of the past again

The (chronologically) 1st appearance of the taxi driver in Episode 01

Eri finally meets her destined one…because of a keychain?

Getting along well…to Ken’s dismay

Jiji joins the Burger Shogun party

Quality time between the 2 of them…alone?!

Jiji was aware of Ken’s affections towards Rei

Way to go! Shopping together!!!

‘Battle scars’ are still there? But Rei seems happy somehow…

From the post on the previous episode, I did mention there is a picture perfect moment involving Rei and Ken, ya? Well, this will be a spoiler for those who haven’t watch this episode yet, but still, I gotta post this up!!!


Isn’t that just great?! But sad to say, the next episode will be a pretty sad one…for it is the last photo in the slideshow…?! NOOOOO!!!!!!


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