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Japanese movies I wanna watch

There are quite a few interesting Japanese movies that I wanna watch…but totally unsure whether they will ever be screened locally (Singapore).

Firstly, ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 (Gegege no Kitaro):

Story’s about Kitaro, a half-human, half-yokai boy who was borned in a cemetery and has the ability to see and converse with yokai (ghosts, spirits, demons etc.), and his fight for peace between the humans and the yokai. A very interesting movie adapted from the manga of the same title, featuring many yokai only found in Japanese folklore. 2 other things that appeals to me is: 1st, Kitaro’s father is an eyeball. Yup, and he’s known as 目玉のおやじ (Medama no Oyaji). Cute huh? 2nd, lead actress is Inoue Mao, who acted in the famous Hana Yori Dango. Really cute huh?

Next, どろろ (Dororo):

Story’s about Hyakkimaru, a man who lost 48 of his body parts to 48 different 魔人 (majin), and his quest to destroy all 48 of them and reclaim his parts with a mechanically enhanced body. With him is a street urchin and thief, Dororo, which, strangely, the name of the movie and the manga it is adapted from, is based of, instead of the main character.

Dororo actually has been screened in Japan (I have no idea whether it’s still showing or not).

PLEASE!!! Show these movies here locally!!! In Singapore!!! Cathay, GV…whatever!!! Satisfy me!!! Satisfy fans of Japan!!!

I’m mad. Hah.


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