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Proposal Daisakusen Episode 04

Another sweet episode this time, similar to Episode 2. The photo this time is of the gang’s graduation from high school, with Rei looking sad again. Another thing to note about this photo is that, Ken is missing his second button from his seifuku! Obviously, Ken knows he did not give the button to Rei with her looking like that, and after horsing a bit with the yousei, he sets off into the past again to set things right.

However, his plans are shattered straight again after returning when he commits the mistake of giving the second button to the unknown girl again (only this time, it wasn’t his own doing). Ken then tried hard to hide his missing second button from Rei, while trying to find a way to get his button back.

Rei explains to Eri (and to me too, I only know of the origin of the second button thing after watching this) about the tradition of giving the second button to the girl you like during graduation, and then they met the air-headed Tada, who came too late to congratulate his former class on their graduation. Meanwhile, Ken decided to ask for his button straight from the girl with the help of Tsuru and Mikio, but Tsuru, doing what he does best, messes things up for Ken again, causing the button to go missing this time.

Ken and the other graduating baseball club members had (the weirdest I have ever seen) their graduation ceremony from the club held by their juniors, and Rei was very disappointed to finally find Ken’s second button from his seifuku missing when they were clearing their things from the clubroom. After unexpectedly meeting Mikio’s supposed girlfriend at the school gate, they once again head to Burger Shogun, where Rei declares that she ‘does not want everything to end just like that” and the gang rushes off back to school again to do what they had always wanted to do……

Ken’s missing second button and Rei’s disappointed face…again

Rei’s reason for disappointment in the unaltered past…

and Ken’s insensitivity in the same unaltered past

Taking things for granted now, are we, Ken?

A homage to Yamashita-san’s ‘Kurosagi’

Ken’s gonna commit the same mistake again when he returns?!…

…with the ‘help’ from his buddies

‘Miss Risshu”s very own graduation autograph session

Rei hinting to Ken…

…and dun think Ken got the hint…?

Tsuru as Lupin III

The origin of the tradition of the second button

Tada appears again?!

The Imperial sanction for the almighty button

Tsuru being a klutz again

The air-headed Tada indeed

Having fun together…spelling trouble for Ken

Guess Tsuru’s been living under a rock

An unsatisfied Rei, unwilling to let everything end like so

Just what was Ken trying to do…?

I’ve always like to watch graduation episodes from dramas, reminiscing about my own school days when watching them. This episode is simply great, as it will make you feel both sad and happy (just what am I talking about?). Well, guess you have to watch to know. A little spoiler for the next episode (although the raw version’s out for quite some time, I know): there’s gonna be a picture perfect moment involving Rei and Ken!!!

And I cannot wait. Kudos to Love Song!

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