Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool


Read Meiying’s blog…she wrote about her friends ‘forsaking’ her…

Well, I’ve been through, and still going through these kind of crap shit…

So many times I have tried to make myself available for my friends on outings and dates and such, I really try…most of the time I dun disappoint them too…but so many times have I been disappointed, and I am not even given the freedom to complain about it. My friends have replied sarcastically to me: “Okay lah, follow you…later write dunno what things in your blog again?”

Now I feel rather regretful that I actually know such people. But too bad, my character isn’t that strong to just give up whatever remains you could even call friendship. I’m still trying hard to make them see what’s wrong, but it always ends up me being in the wrong…even when a ‘promise’, no matter how small it is, was made to me and broken by the same person,  I’m always in the wrong.

I believe many, many of my ‘friends’ are always laughing their heads off at me whenever I go out alone or watch movies alone, gleeful at the fact that they have managed to make a fool out of me.

I may be wrong. But that’s how the situation looks to me now.

By the way Meiying, you and I are different…I’m just a detestable person to most I guess, unlike you. =)


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