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Blabbering of a Fool

Proposal Daisakusen Episode 03

A bittersweet episode this time. Failing to let Rei see his confession on the class blackboard by having it erased by ironically, the groom, Tada Tetsuya, Ken once again sees him sitting beside Rei. The next photo up in the slideshow was taken at the end of Tada’s 2-week training period with Ken and Rei’s class, with Ken crying on the shoulder of Tada. With Ken fuming over why ‘the hell’ he was crying over Tada leaving the class, and an advice from the yousei to ‘catch the essence’ of what was wrong in the past in order to even change anything, Ken once again travels back into the past.

After being in a strange situation/position with Tada straight after he’s back into the past, Ken finally made up his mind to confess straight to Rei. The problem is, he did want to confess to someone in the past of six years ago, but it was ‘Cameron-sensei’, another teacher-in-training, instead of Rei. And with both Mikio and Tsuru spilling the beans on this to Rei and Eri, Ken’s confession to Rei just seemed impossible.

Because of Tada’s appearance in this time of the past, Ken tries hard to speak bad of him whatever he gets the chance to in front of Rei (rather ‘evil’ thing to do, but well, no choice). And again, Ken got another chance to confess to Rei, but Rei misunderstood him as trying to push all his daily classroom chores to her (*bangs head on desk…).

Tada wasn’t well-liked by the class because he’s always lost in his own world of maths and has a terrible sense of humour, and Rei finally reprimanded him in front of the class about ‘caring more about their interests instead of trying to make them understand curves’. With Tada extremely demoralised, Ken went on to help Rei with cleaning the blackboard. However, he realised that he was actually the one who played Cupid for Tada and Rei after finding a secret of Tada’s and exposing to everyone in class, and this time, he trys to conceal it, hoping to change the past (another ‘evil’ thing…).

After a misunderstanding caused by Mikio and Tsuru, and with the guilt of putting down Tada nagging on him, Ken unbelievably, even to himself, snaps at Rei who was making fun of him. Rei in return yells that she will never speak to Ken again, stomping off while scolding ‘Baka’ at Ken……

Tada Tetsuya(多田 哲也), portrayed by Fujiki Naohito(藤木 直人), finally makes his appearance in the past

An unbelievable Ken

‘Saboten’/Cactus pose?

I totally agree with Ken *grin*

A determined Ken. Finally!

Tsuru spills the beans…

…and Rei can’t really believe what she’s hearing…

…and apparently, not even Ken himself

Ken putting Tada down

Is this finally it?!…

…but what’s up with that reaction?

Tada’s difficult sense of humour

Lost in his own little world

Another chance to put Tada down

Once again, self-absorbed in the world of maths

Rei finally speaks of the harsh truth

Rei making fun of an irritated Ken…

…and Ken snaps!…

…and Rei fumes too

A crushing defeat for Ken this time…?


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