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Proposal Daisakusen Episode 02

Next up in the slideshow is a photo which was taken on Ken’s birthday celebration, with Rei looking seriously mad and pushing Ken away. Seeing this, Ken had a painful recollection of Rei (most probably after they have graduated and have stepped into society) telling him that he ‘really doesn’t understand a thing at all’. Thus Ken wishes hard to go back again, and the yousei appears again, telling him that he’s actually quite sharp to figure out that the yousei won’t just appear once (though Ken never had the idea at all).

Full of confidence this time, Ken whisked back into the past again with the help of the yousei, moments before the photo of his birthday celebration was taken. After having a few scares, everything seemed to go well between Rei and Ken, when suddenly Rei requested coffee milk from Ken, which Ken had no idea on what she’s asking for. Rei then angrily reminded Ken that they had a bet using fruit juice, and now that Ken had lost the bet, Rei wants coffee milk instead.

Rei returns the CD she had borrowed from Ken, but not before looking hard at it, as if wishing for something. There’s also a weird reaction from her when Tsuru tried to borrow the CD from Ken.

Luck just wasn’t on Ken’s side, as the school stall had run out of coffee milk just when Ken had got enough money. Telling Rei that he wasn’t able to get the coffee milk and apologising to her rather flippantly, Rei told Ken sarcastically that it was fine as she ‘didn’t pin much hope on him’ anyway. Realising that this might have been the cause for Rei’s unhappiness on the photo, Ken sets out for the coffee milk that could change his life and future……

The photo of the episode, taken during Ken’s birthday celebration

A painful recollection by Ken

A warning from the yousei before setting off…

…but seems like Ken is confident this time

The gang of 5, with Tsuru always doing the ‘dirty work’

Rei’s radiant smile shining brightly to Ken

All seems to be going well for Ken!!!…

…or not…

The 3 stooges

Key item of the episode…?

What painful words on Ken’s ears

Tsuru looking his best

Just where is Lady Luck when you need her?

Off to find the fate-changing coffee milk!!!

Taking a break at such a time…?

Yet again, is this all that has changed?

I really liked this episode. I have watched it 4 times, and going on for a 5th later. It reminds me of my school days, though I do not have any experiences like what Ken had in this episode. Also, watching Ken reminds me of myself, for I am also equally, unbelievably slow in many matters, like Ken. However, I’m so jealous of Ken for having such good friends, and such a good (and not forgetting pretty) childhood friend.

Watching this drama brings up many regrets I have, and since I’m unable to go back into the past like Ken, I really hope Ken can really make things right for himself, though it might be harsh on for the groom of the present, Tada Tetsuya (Fujiki Naohito). *fingers crossed*


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  1. MavericK Wednesday, May 9, 2007 at 2123

    Yo, haha…this is one of the available themes in WordPress, didn’t do this skin myself…and yup, dun think a tagboard can be added anyway, so yup, guess leaving comments here is the only way.

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    hey marc ur new blogskin is nice, the previous one gone quite crazy wif all the activeX controls n pop-ups. next time do i tag here? haha

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