Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

The First Word…or Words.

Trying out WordPress…quite user-friendly indeed. If you are not trying to be a wannabe-star blogger, like famous (or in fact, notorious, Xiaxue).

 Think most likely I’ll start sticking with this blog. Most likely.

Just registered online to Aoba Language Centre (oh yah, I’m actually in camp right now)…really hope I can start lessons on the 5th of May…finally, one of my wishes coming true.

Finally watched the much-awaited latest Japanese drama: Proposal Daisakusen, or プロポーズ大作戦. Once again, Yamashita Tomohisa-san, or YamaPi, plays the male lead role of Iwase Ken, opposite Nagasawa Masami-san, who plays the female lead role of Yoshida Rei. These two actors have displayed their superb acting in their previous drama together, Dragon Zakura, and from watching the 1st episode, I believe they will not disappoint fans and viewers this time too. You can go to the “Summaries and Afterthoughts” category for, as the title implies, MY summary of the episode.


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