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Been a long time…

It’s been a while since my last post…actually haven’t got much to write about anyway…

What did I do during this period?

-Watched J-dramas online
-Bought a J-drama series (Nodame Cantabile) DVD
-Practised guitar
-Watched Nada Sousou alone (yes! again!), and missed the very last scene after the credits…now unable to watch it again cuz’ it has stopped screening literally and I have no money

From the above, I’m a rather anti-social guy huh, you may think? No, that’s not true…it’s just that I dun have any friends who like anything that I like, so I have to do things alone.

Me? Try to join friends in something? Of course…but if I have to force myself to do something I dun like, it wun be me anymore, right? =D

Anyway, I finally added the last section: Review.


2 responses to “Been a long time…

  1. MavericK Thursday, November 8, 2007 at 2252

    Oh, I haven’t watched ‘Remote’…actually, never really heard of it…what’s it about? 😛

    3rd episode? Is it the one when Nodame used her head to stop Chiaki from shutting the door by letting him clamp her head instead? That part is simply hilarious, her expression and all…thinking back just makes me wanna laugh…haha… 😀

    And yeah, I have no idea when the SP is showing…or has it shown already? 😛 Really wanna watch it though. As for the anime, as I watched the drama before the anime, I couldn’t really get myself to like it, even though the humour is still there. I especially can’t accept Nodame’s voice, Ueno Juri’s voice just gets stuck in your head as Nodame’s voice.
    But I go listen to ‘Konna ni Chikaku de…’…been randomly listening to J-Pop this period of time. 😀

    By the way, though I’m a guy, Tamaki Hiroshi’s really good-looking, eh? And Ueno Juri’s really cute, though not at first sight… 😛

  2. Random J Tuesday, November 6, 2007 at 449

    I’m currently watching the final episode of “Nodame Cantabile” now. It’s such a cool drama. I was slow to warm to it. But by the 3rd episode I was right into it. Once again we see actors appearing in a drama together who’ve worked together before. Tamaki Hiroshi, Eita and the guy that plays Mine’s Dad were all in “Remote”. Which funnily enough, “Nodame Cantabile” kinda reminds me of! I have finished watching the finale and already I wanna see the 2 part SP!

    It’s just a shame that Crystal Kay’s “Konna ni chikaku de…” wasn’t used as the theme for the live action series and not the anime. It SO would’ve fit the live action version better.

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