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A boring, downcast Saturday. Been out the whole d…

A boring, downcast Saturday.

Been out the whole day yesterday…today dun really feel like going out…but staying at home is rather sian too…

Been spending my time watching dramas online…I really recommend Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi…not just because most of the actresses in the drama are cute and great at acting, but also the stories, which are actually, if not, based on true stories and were penned down into novels by Yoshi (not the green dinosaur in Mario) before being made into drama series. Just watch.

Also watching Kamen Rider Kabuto right now…this series is as good as 555 series…just when I thought Faiz is the most smug Rider ever, out come Kabuto: plain arrogant, but still, with a heart for others. Well, there’s Sasword too, who is at the top of arrogance. Interesting series.

From my trip out yesterday, realised girls with ponytails and short hair attract me most…haha…thought I will never be vocal about it on spot, or show an extreme interest to look at them (only dare to steal glances)…unlike the 3 guys I saw from yesterday…while I was having my meal in KFC, these 3 girls were literally commenting on every girl that walked past the glass outside…and were being loud about it…haha…interesting fellows.

OK…back to my Kamen Rider. CLOCK UP!!!


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