Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Treasure Hunt

Today was a good day for me.

Found many things/shops that I wanted.

First off, went to Dhoby Ghaut -> Plaza Singapura to exchange my faulty remote control to my set-top box for a new one.
Then after that, went on to Sunshine Plaza to look for the items in my wishlist.
But to avail. Hmmm…

But saw something that caught my eye.
A Souchaku Henshin series GARO!!!

Placed a reservation for it (no deposit placed though)…still unsure whether it’s able to be reserved, according to the shop-owner, but should be fine…*fingers crossed*

After that, went down to Chinatown Point, for my hunt on the items again. But instead, found this cool cosplay shop…the costumes inside are of pretty high standard…yup…liked many of the costumes there, but of course, not THAT rich to get any.
Headed down to China Square Central (didn’t know it was THAT close by, until I heard from the shop assistant from the cosplay shop…quite a cute-looking girl)…and WHOA!!!

Still didn’t found what I wanted.

BUT!! Heaven was in front of my eyes.
Found the Souchaku Henshin series Masked Rider Faiz Blaster Form (somewhere close to my wishlist item) and got it, and also placed a reservation of this item, at a deposit of $10:


What a day…and I still can’t find my items…(-_-)”‘


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