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Been taking note of the news lately…and saw this insane article…

Guess everyone should have heard of this: the father of a female fan of Andy Lau had committed suicide over the idol’s refusal to meet the fan face-to-face with her only (not really sure about the cause).

This incident proves something: Love is indeed blind.

The love of the fan for Andy Lau has blinded her, causing her to lose the ability to contribute as an ‘unit’ of society.
The love of a father for her daughter had blinded him, causing him to make the ultimate sacrifice, though for what reason I do not know (to make his daughter’s wish come true? In what way, I dun see how).

I dunno if anyone sees the action of the father as great or anything along the line, but in my opinion, I see the actions of a selfish, naive man who chose the wrong way to the end of his life. Sorry for my rather harsh words, but can death be the best solution to any problem? In fact, he had caused even more troubles for his family, and not forgetting Andy Lau.

From the stand Andy Lau’s taking currently, it would seem that the fan will not only not get to see her idol (or currently from her words, her target of hate), she would not be able to see her father ever again either.

We have to face Reality someday……


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