Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool


Having MC for 7 days…a rather WOOT thing…if it wasn’t for my jaw…hmmm…but getting better anyway. =D

Anyway, while staying at home (yup, I’m a good kid, I listen to instructions and stay at home and rest), started to watched this 特撮 (Tokusatsu) TV series called “牙狼/GARO”…it’s very unconventional series compared to the more popular ones, like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai/Power Rangers…”GARO” is pretty dark-themed, and shows quite a lot of animated violence too, but the fighting sequences are simply superb. I thought Masked Rider Faiz was the coolest, and rather smug, fighting style I’ve ever seen in such series, as compared to Power Rangers (where they dun do much but shoot using laser guns), but wait till you’ve watched “GARO”. The series also balanced the roles of the actors (not the suit actors) by limiting the time the characters could use their armours, making sure the actors’ skills are of high caliber.

Oh yeah, it is actually for mature audiences, so dun expect it to be showing in Kids Central in Singapore. And there are slight nudity scenes in the series. Yup. Hah.

Shocking news. To me anyway. Kago Ai has been given the sack from Hello! Project. When it’s so near to her return from her suspension.
But I think she had it coming, from the things she did.

Ok, back to my “GARO” OAV (2, actually), then to my guitar…

I’m so sad…there’s no more stocks in Sheng Tai for my Souchaku Henshin series Masked Rider Faiz figure…now I’ve got to order.

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