Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool


Dun try Meiji’s 99% Cocoa chocolate. Serious.

Dead serious.

It should, and shall remain, for use in cooking/baking.

I’ve tried it. My camp-mates tried it.

After eating (Yes, in your mouth) it, you would wanna love the bitter gourd, or even bitter medicine.

Stick with the 63%, or 72%.
They are only found in Watson’s. (I haven’t seen the chocolates sold anywhere else.)

Pay is finally here. Saving up real faithfully though.
But still got myself things.
Death Note DVD. Kamei-san’s latest PB.
Restrained myself from getting YUI’s first single though.
Next pay.

Tmr, making my way to the IT show. Getting ear/headphones, cuz’ apparently my ears are too small for my current earphones, making them hurt after long usage (of the earphones, duh).
Hope there are cheap and acceptable ones there.


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