Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool


Whew…felt so much better ‘penning’ down my thoughts earlier…purpose isn’t to blame, just to bring the message across…so if you can, dun take to heart, just take it as a fool’s ramblings…but still, give my points some thought…

Finally got my hands on the DVD of タイヨウのうた(映画版)…YUI-san stars in it…her debut as an actress, and well, it was great. She can’t really do crying scenes…yet, but still, she suits her character in the movie well…especially liked the part when she first MET 孝治 (Kouji) played by 塚本高史 (Tsukamoto Takashi)…

“My favorite banana is food!”


YUI-san’s voice is really nice to the ears…even when she’s just speaking…hope she would have a chance to be a 声優 (seiyuu; voice actor) in some anime…=)

But somehow when she sings, she most of the time looks like she’s in pain or something…but I guess it’s because she gives her all into every song she sings…must be it.

Oh yah, she’s the reason why I wanna learn guitar…still the very basics now…hope to slowly learn how to play her every song…maybe…hah


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