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Thoughts. Yet again. Page 2

Just finished watching 野ブタ。をプロデュース. A really heart-warming drama…but sets me thinking:
“Do friends become friends because of similarities? Or differences?”

Shuji, Akira, Nobuko…these 3 are indeed real friends…(well, I know it’s a drama, moron)…they are willing to sacrifice themselves for one another.

I dun think I have met anyone lidat in my life. Well, not that I’m asking anyone to sacrifice something for me…but I haven’t really seen any of my…friends…even do the slightest form of ‘sacrifice’, to put in a way…

To me, willing to accompany me to visit a place that I wanna go is good enough for me, seriously…I’ll be in good moods throughout the day…but until now, all I’ve seen is me accompanying ‘friends’, and ‘friends’ forsaking me…I just request to go some place, most times even to the extent of begging, and the reply I get is “You can go off first”. And yet ‘friends’ can also say I’m sad, anti-social etc. when I go out alone…please, my friends, ask yourself whether do I really enjoy going out alone. Loneliness has never been a friend of Man, and I’m of no exception.

Perhaps I’m too good-tempered? I recommend something which I feel is good, and I wanna share it with my friends…yet I get mocked for even feeling that thing is good. I would then accept it as a difference in tastes, and say no more. But, when I do not like what my ‘friends’ are recommending me, I’m deemed stupid, have lousy tastes, and ostracized.

I really dun wish to go back to my lower secondary self.
I dun wish to be a bad person.
I dun wish to be lonely.

But sometimes I feel having no friends is hell lot better than having false friends.

“Do we live to die, to see the end? Or do we live to see the sun rise again?”
Something which popped into my mind not long ago.


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