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Blabbering of a Fool

Thoughts. Yet again. Page 1

The moon is full and round tonight. Very. Round and full.

But the night sky is overcast.

Guess mood plays a part in determine the way you look at things. Take tonight’s sky view as example. If you’re watching the moon in a happy mood, for eg. watching it with the person you wanna be with the most…you would see the the moon’s radiance amidst the cover of the clouds.

But for me, I could only see that the glow of the moon has demonstrated how gloomy the clouds made the sky to be…

Hah…depressing thoughts eh? Well…I dun really know wat’s wrong with me anymore…haha…only having to face many troubling matters…but luckily suicide has never been in my mind, and I’m proud of that, indeed…

I never really had guts, I guess…unlike Xianyi, who even though (according to him) somewhat knew he was gonna fail in his attempt, he still confessed. Now that’s guts. Well, I’m kinda confused with my own emotions, feelings, and thinking…do I really like her? Or just a stupid, short-termed crush? Or even things I dun even know about? MAVERICK-SHOCK!!! Time will tell, so for now I shall wait while troubling, at the same time, find my guts.


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