Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Lunar New Year

Hey…it’s Year of the Boar…or the Pig, if you wanna put it…

Feelin’ nothin’ special though…

But I, as usual, saw a lot of my relatives which are like, how do you put it…rare Pokemon? Haha…can be guessed, I ain’t really close with even my cousins. As you grow older, the things your elders tell you changes too…this year’s are particularly interesting.

I had one who asked whether I have got a girlfriend (…NO.). As expected, she asked why not? Then she started to chant that it is very important to have a family…must have…it’s just not right not to have one. Well, I fully understand it…I really wanna have a family of my own…but I never really ever fought or tried to find a partner, hmm? This year I guess…

Of course, a lot of them asked how’s army. Well, I really wanted to scream in their faces: “A WHOLE LOT OF CRAP!!!”…but well, I’m restraint enough to replied that I just can’t wait for my ORD to come. *Good news, for those who have the same enlistment date as I have and are not from PTP batch, we have a 99% chance that we wun be spending the next LNY as soldiers!!! Cuz’ next LNY is on the 7th Feb!!!

Been listening to lots of songs these few days…realised the differences between Western/English and Asian/Japanese/Chinese songs…
For English songs, the singers SING out the STORY, as it would have been when told. Straight-in-you-face lyrics.
On the other hand, Chinese/Japanese songs are more like poetry…with beautiful words and phrases to stretch the audience’s imaginations. Poetry in motion. In your head though.

I prefer the latter. Well, I seek to have some fantasy when I want to enjoy myself, be it games or music. Wouldn’t it be tiring to always have to face reality?


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