Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

1 Litre of Tears.

Finished the drama…well, all I can say is, my eyes are rather hard on seeing…after shedding quite a few tears…sorry for being such a pussy. Aya-san’s life is just so hard…yet she remains strong to the end…admirable…I now truly believe everyone, no matter who they are, what state they are in, can make a difference.

Overall rating: 10/5. Cuz’ I’m so gonna watch it again.

After watching this, a question pops up in my mind. Is there really God? If so, I would believe He is like a child, playing pranks on His creations, which is us…why did He create such diseases? Such pain and sorrow? I just dun understand…I only know now how strong humans can be if they want to. Change their fate, humans cannot…yet change not only their own, but other people’s lives, that everyone, anyone can do it.

All I wish to say is that if God, if He exists, wish to play us…we shall let give Him a hard time doing so…and stand strong in the end.


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