Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool


Just amazing…first time I’ve encountered anything like this…

Last week I got my ‘1リットルの涙’, ya? When back to the same shop in Yishun today…and there were no more stocks of the VCDs and DVDs of it anymore!!! Whoa! OK…plain scary…all gone within a week! And there I was, hoping to get the DVD copy of the drama…

I’ve got the entire collection of the musics and songs you can find in the drama…anyone who wishes to have any of them, let me know…=D

And yah, I finally my own copy of ‘1リットルの涙’ the diary…in Chinese…written by the real Aya…hmmm….feeling sad of a sudden…

Yup…it’s happiness to be living…


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