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1 Litre of Tears..

Watched until episode 7 of ‘1 Litre of Tears’…and well, I teared at every episodes I’ve watched…it’s simply one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen in my life. Besides being a great adaptive story from a true, life story…I have learned many, many lessons…just from this drama…

I will never again say or even think I’m unfortunate, if I had said so before. The luckiest thing that had happened to me is that I am able to live, and live a simple and normal life.

I will try my best to do and complete what I have always wished to do in the future, as I can never know what will ever happen to me. Even if my life is perfectly fine, I’m always losing time…time is always slipping through my fingers.
Life is short…cherish it.

I will treasure the people and things around me, especially people. Cuz’ I’ve finally understood that no one in this world is able to carry on living without ever depending on others. Sometimes you might feel you are a trouble, a burden to your friends and family when you need their help, but do not forget that there are still things they will need help from you for.

This is the first drama, actually the first programme, that I had tears going down my face…I do not believe one can watch this drama without even ‘wetting’ their eyes…that would have to be cold-blooded…


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