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Blabbering of a Fool


Dunno whether this is true or not, but Yoshizawa-san decided to show up in their Osaka concert, cuz’ she believes this is her responsibility as leader of Morning Musume. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. She’s a strong woman indeed…

Anyway, shall write reviews about 2 Japanese movies I’ve watched…Battle Royale, and Rinjin 13-go, or The Neighbour No.13.

Battle Royale…it’s about this class of students being sent to this deserted island where they are to play a game of battle royal…only one of them, the last one standing wins. The setting is in a fictional time of Japan, where the unemployment rate is at a new high, adults thus are losing their place in society and teenagers/students dun respect the adults anymore and almost all start to boycott school. So this law, Battle Royale (BR law), was set up, in order to teach the young generation, and society.
Every student will be given a bag, containing food, water,map, compass and a random item as a weapon. Random in the case where the male protagonist, Nanahara Shuya, played by Fujiwara Tatsuya, got a pot lid, the female protagonist, Nakagawa Noriko, played by Maeda Aki, got binoculars…while other items include machine gun, poison, crossbow, dagger, GPS-like device etc….
This controversial movie shows how ugly the nature of humans can be when they are in situations where they cannot cope with. But, it also shows how different people react in similar situations as other people…well, I dun really know how to explain the movie…have to watch to really know the meaning it’s trying to bring out.

Rinjin 13-go…to write simply, a movie about karma. Murasaki Juzo, played by Ogura Shun, had been bullied by the class bully, Akai, when he was in middle school…to the extent that he had acid poured on his face. That was when Akai and his lackeys went too far. Now as an adult, Juzo looks like a normal, withdrawn person, living in a small rented apartment on his own, working in a construction site. But as fate has it, his supervisor is none other than Akai, though he no longer remembers Juzo. But since the incident in school, Juzo has developed a murderous alter-ego, though it was until the acquaintance of Akai that the alter-ego, known as 13-go played by Nakamura Shidou, grew stronger and surfaced more. Akai would start to know the feelings of Juzo…
It’s really a story about karma: what goes around comes around. People who have been bullies previously should learn much, and fear much, from this movie. Watch it, though it’s not really for the weak-hearted. There are many times I could feel my own heart beating hard, even to the extent I could hear it thumping with my ears (maybe it was my room that was silent).


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