Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

10+ Hits

OK…looks like I scored 10+ hits over 5 days, i think…interesting…haha…but that doesn’t mean they aren’t from the same person…=D

OK…under the request of my friend, next up, for male J-idol…Matsuyama Kenichi! For female idol…Sawajiri Erika!

Juz got my ‘1 Litre of Tears’ VCD boxset…FINALLY!!! Hope this drama would be able to move me to tears…haven’t found one yet…and I DO BELIEVE no Korean drama can ever do that…cuz death of one of the main characters is just too common in them…=S And yup, I’m still prejudiced against Korean stuff. >_
One thing. I HATE rich brats. Keyword: brats. Thing that make it worse: rich. There is one in my camp now…working together with me in the not-so-much-like-an-office office…gets me on my nerves almost all the time…he’s 18…f***er…does almost nothing, yet claims to do everything, even the things that I did…really one hell of a f***er…


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