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Japanese hub

Whoa…my blog is actually turning into a Japanese hub site…

Well, if you haven’t noticed, for those who are interested in female Japanese idols, I’ve listed down names of artistes/idols who I think are really pretty good-looking or watever, whom people cannot really not like any of them…haha…

I’ll be putting up pictures of 1 male and 1 female idols too below…will try to update them every week…and to start off, Yagami Light and Amane Misa from Death Note!!! Fujiwara Tatsuya and Toda Erika!!!

Just tried to eat an entire bar/plate of chocolate like wat L did in the movies, and wat Near and Mello did in the manga…whoa…satisfying…but the throat kinda burns after that…haha…

Btw, my favourite chocolates are dark, bitter ones…


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