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Death Note craze

Everyone’s in the Death Note craze now.
Me too…wahaha…

Still reading Volume 13…found out something interesting…the writer, Tsugumi-san, has mentioned actually Light and L are both righteous in their ways, yet also evil in their ways. After some thinking, yeah, L is actually kinda twisted too. He did not want to arrest KIRA to uphold justice, he was actually treating the cat-and-mouse chase as a game, a challenge, to himself! He was in fact just using the police as his pawns in a way. It’s also rather evident that he had actually requested the help of two criminals to help in his plans to capture KIRA…L wasn’t as righteous as everyone thought huh? =D

Well, if that’s the case, Near is even worse than L. His ideas are even more twisted than L’s, but of course, he’s smarter than him. So in a way, no one in the story is Death Note is perfect. That’s kinda good actually. Also revealed in the volume, L was actually a very good, and a very big liar. Go read the book to know what did he lie about. =D

At least Light had always known what he had been doing was evil (read volume 8~9)…but it was necessary for his plans for a better world to succeed.


I thought I was crazy to watch Death Note 2 twice…didn’t know there are others as crazy as me. Good! Haha…if I can get my hands on the marathon tix, perhaps I shall watch them another time…?

Guess it’s better to wait for the DVD, which I am DEFINITELY GONNA GET!!! AND NO ONE’S STOPPING ME!!!


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