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Blabbering of a Fool


I didn’t expect my tarot card to be ‘Lovers’…accurate…? Dunno…just for fun anyway…

And again, I shall write about Amane Misa…Death Note character again…

Amane Misa, words to describe her: bubbly, devoted, passionate, self-sacrificing…and plain dumb. Sorry Amane Misa fans. Well, the Amane Misa in the manga/anime didn’t really have much of a background story as to why she is so devoted to KIRA (not Light yet), but the movie did one, and it was a rather good one to relate how she is so supportive of KIRA. But well, the writer decided to stereotype her into the dumb-girl image. All she cares about is her affections for Light/KIRA, and how she could be of service to him. She did not use her brains at all in the entire story, except for the part when she wanted to meet KIRA for the first time.

However, it cannot be said that her role in Death Note is redundant. She was a indispensable ‘weapon’ (sorry again, Misa fans) for Light because of her ‘Shinigami Eyes’…assisting much in Light’s plans along the story. And as mentioned in Volume 13, she has to be in the story possessing the eyes, because as what Light had said before, he hopes to govern the new world he was intending to create for as long as possible, so there was no way he would just give up his years for anything. So, then comes Amane Misa.

But still, exchanging for the eyes twice?! That’s just crazy…but what can you say…like many stories people have heard throughout the times, ‘love makes people go blind’…and Amane Misa is definitely one of them, even though she has more powerful eyes…(a pun?)

Well, summing it off with a spoiler…Amane Misa died 1 year after Light’s passing in the manga…speculated to be suicide.


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