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Nothing much to write about, so I shall write something about Yagami Light. Of course, this is written after I read part of Volume 13, so you might find some similar contents from the book.

Yagami Light, the most misunderstood character in Death Note. All he wanted was to create an ideal world where kind souls can live in without ever worrying about getting murdered or becoming victims to heinous crimes. This has been Light’s ultimate goal in the story…even until the end, or his end. But like many stories we have heard of, ‘pride comes before a fall’, and this fall Light took was a fatal one.

It was his pride that turned him into KIRA, or you could actually say his pride IS actually KIRA. The moment he had possession of the Death Note, and set his mind on creating a new world of his ideals and himself the new ‘god’ of the new world, KIRA was born. But KIRA only managed to manifest himself further when L made his appearance to Light. Like what L had speculated, and like him, Light didn’t like to lose, giving KIRA chances to ‘take over’ time and time again.

That’s why I support Yagami Light, but not entirely KIRA.

No matter what methods Light/KIRA took to reach his goal, it must not be forgotten that his ultimate goal was still to create a world of his ideals: a utopia in some sense. The only problem is that the methods he used are extreme, and becomes more and more twisted as the story advances. As again, his pride always get the better of him, resulting in him taking the lives of the innocent whom, in his own opinion, should be removed as they were trying to go against him, the ‘god’ (Raye Penber, Misora Naomi, etc…).

But what about the judgments he passed onto the criminals? Well, in my opinion, if the criminals are already sentenced to death, why the big fuss? As for the others, well, if the crimes are serious, it should be agreed that death is the only option for them. Then comes another question: who decides what is serious or not? The police? The law? In the movie, Yagami Soichiro said that the law isn’t perfect, but it was set up with the endless effort to do good. True, but what about Light? Did he not try to put effort in his struggle to create utopia? Does it mean that just because he does some evil deeds in the process, all his efforts could be disregarded? In my opinion, the police (well, at least in the story) are just a group of obnoxious people who were terrified and furious at the fact that there is someone out there with more power and support from the people, and they should eradicate this ‘someone’ before they all lose their place in the people’s hearts. Useless. This shows how people are afraid of other people with more power than themselves, and they will try to shun these people or removed them from their lives, like the story in X-Men. L, I believe, is one of them.

However, regardless how evil or twisted Light/KIRA had become, his care and concern towards his family had never changed throughout the story. In the manga, he showed signs of worry when his sister, Sayu, was kidnapped. In the movie, he was worried that Sayu could be killed by the second KIRA. He had, from the start, regarded his own family as the rightful citizens of the new world he was going to create (this is not the case in the movies though, where they portray him to be more evil). People might argue that he tried to use his father. Yes, but he had never wanted his father to die in the first place. Although he was still more concerned about the Death Note and getting rid of Mello/Mihael Keehl, his father’s passing was never in his mind all along.

Light/KIRA was still human after all.

To sum it off, Light isn’t just the most misunderstood character in Death Note, he is actually a victim of the Death Note, and a very sad one. His life has been revolving around, and manipulated by the Death Note. So, like in Volume 13, Light was never the villain. Ryuk and Death Note are.

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  1. Ishita Monday, November 24, 2008 at 140

    yeah… so true ^_^

    kewl.. 8)

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