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Death Note

Finally got my Volume 13 of Death Note, together with the exclusive set. Pictures are below:

Well, as you can see, the set includes the finger puppets seen in the manga: Kira, Misa, L, Near and Mello. Also included is a diorama of the warehouse where the final showdown takes place, which the other side is a portrait of Near playing with the puppets…for fans of Near.

Of course, as advertised in Volume 12, there is a name card of L, which is the missing piece to Death Note’s final mystery: L’s true name…I shall do a spoiler at the end of this post, but it’s up to you whether you wanna spoil it for yourself.

Trying to get my JC class to meet up…still sorting things out…hope to finish up by tmr…or Sunday latest…

Gonna watch Death Note 2 again…hope Sze Yuan keeps to his word…or else I gotta try to get Tommy and most probably Samuel Chong out…just saw him this afternoon…LTA liao!!! Anyway…get-together first…

Ok…true name of L is: L Lawliet (highlight)


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