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Merry Christmas

Well, it’s Christmas today…and yesterday was the Eve…(duh)…and expected, yesterday it was raining. I did go down to Orchard to collect my MM calendar (it was rather big btw, to my delightful surprise), and well, it was wet…and as expected, people were like, scared of melting or something in the rain, and so they ‘clogged’ up the passages at the MRT station…

I made a mistake in my previous message…it would make no point to have people performing on Christmas Day right? Well, I dunno, but I think it was yesterday…but I dun care anymore, cuz when I thought yesterday was gonna be a normal day, received something that brightened my day. Elaine had sent a postcard form Switzerland…eh, I think. Well, that is something new for me…really did make me think that I should place more faith in my friends…? Well, I dunno…conflicts in my mind…

Well, thanks Elaine for the wonderful postcard! Well, for Christmas, I got myself presents (the best presents you can get are from yourself, that’s what I think, cuz you always get what you want) and one of them is the Kigurumix:

This is model no.05…well, it can dance to the music, but I realised actually it doesn’t, it just dance to a specific rhythm everytime you press the button…well, go check it out if you’re interested… =D


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