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Blabbering of a Fool


Rmbed reading something interesting in the papers a few days ago…

It’s regarding the Christmas celebrations at Orchard Road on Christmas Day. As we all know, it’s the rainy/monsoon season now, and it had been raining like hell almost everyday. So there’s gonna be this church performance going on at Orchard Road on X’mas Day itself, but of course the organizer, being practical, commented that he will have to do the inevitable of canceling the performance if bad weather ensues. But, interesting part, is it the church performers or whoever, I just can’t rmb, say they have been praying for good weather on that day. Yup, I’m real happy that they doing that, cuz I dun like bad weather too…especially on a holiday. But, they added that they are confident that it WILL NOT rain on that day because of the faith they have for the day.

Well, if faith can do so, there wun be a need for meteorological stations anymore, haha. Well, at least that’s what I think. But let’s see…if the miracle happens, cuz on weather.com, the forecast is that there will be rain on that day too. If the miracle does happen, well, my level of faith will definitely go up too.


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