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Death Note 2

Watched Death Note 2 yesterday night…my first sneak movie…well, all I can say that the movie will not disappoint…though some parts I feel are rather rushed…

Well, of course, I watched it alone again…did ask for company, three friends in fact…one didn’t watch part 1, so I understand…another due to Christmas nearing, rather busy, understand too…but one said no money to take taxi or any other transport home after movie…unless I accommodate him…well, as far as I can rmb, ALMOST everytime when we go for a movie, I have been accommodating him/them…of course, I’m not saying that they did not try to accommodate me everytime lah. But using money as a reason…well, so far as I know, his pay is higher than mine, and he wouldn’t miss any soccer games with soccer friends, i think…well, maybe I’m right to say that I’m merely an object in people’s life that they can CALL ‘friend’…although I’m financially restraint, at least I still bother to accommodate them, dun care movie or watever, just to at least meet up…using money as an excuse? Hai…I have nuts to say ’bout it.

Well, enough of such shit…I’m gonna watch Death Note 2 again…and most likely, all my ‘friends’ would be telling me ‘Oh, I watch liao with my friends’ when I asked them way before…I gotta face it, I’m a bastard lah, ya?

Well, today’s Kamei-san‘s birthday…well, not really my problem, but still…nvm…no one ‘cept me bothers anyway…

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