Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool


Went for Anderson Secondary student council get-together yesterday…well, it’s nice to see everyone (almost) once again…really nice…=)

Ahaha…sorry to say this, but I couldn’t really rmb the names of some of my juniors…=P Well, we from my batch didn’t really stay for the entire thing, but still, great to have such get-togethers…though many of my batch are saying that we are actually quite detached from the newer batches/generation. Guess we’re getting ‘old’…(some are gonna kill me for this comment…haha)

Christmas is coming!!! And I’m not celebrating!!! Cuz’ I have never celebrated Christmas before…haha…and yup, lonely Christmas again! Doesn’t matter to me anymore though…

Kamei-san!!! (*nuts*)


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