Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool


Pondered about many things after watching Flags of our Fathers…as usual…

The movie has shown that WAR is actually very simple; it’s just that people tend to complicate it.
War isn’t about victory or loss.
It is just the taking of human lives.

And about war, most people always twist the facts. Most people just can’t see the whole picture.

In conclusion, WAR=MEANINGLESS; HUMAN=SELFISH (can’t really bother to elaborate on this part)

Kudos to Clint Eastwood…now gotta wait for ‘Letters From Iwo Jima’ (did I get the title correct?)

Strange deaths have been occurring recently…maybe it’s kinda wrong to let my imagination run so wild, but haha, looks like a ‘Death Note’ phenomenon to me…you see, the cases, until now, only involves men, right? And no signs of anything wrong? I dunno…just guessing… 🙂

Tmr’s my specialist appointment…hope there can be an answer to my 4-year-old back ailment.

When and how can I find the time and money to learn driving? And Japanese?! AHHHH!!!

13 days to Kamei-san‘s birthday… -_-”’

And yup, gotta book in later to learn how to take human lives for another 5 days.

And people say that humans are the only beings with souls, unlike animals. Yeah right.
Whole lot of crap.


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