Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool


Yup…better now…thanks and sorry to those who read it…treat it with a pinch of salt, ya? (am I using the correct…wat you call it…’phrase’ here?)

Anyway, got the Limited Edition of Morning Musume’s Aruiteru single! At HMV! Unbelievable!!! Woot! Ok…over-excited here…now I just have to wait for my calender to come…

By the way, dun think you guys wanna know anyway, but Kamei-san‘s birthday is on the 23rd. (dun ask which month is it, dun be dumb)

Watched Casino Royale and Flags of our Fathers this weekend…both are great…dun wanna explain here…will take too long…

Oh yah, Happy Birthday Zhi Hao! And thanks to his bro for the treat to the movie…

Ok…back to Okami…(about my back, it’s kinda bad…dunno)

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